Cosmetics OEM enterprises, factory so much? How to break through?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-20
OEM enterprise as an important part of cosmetics industry chain, the impact on the industry is obvious. According to statistics, at present in China there are about 3800 or so has the production capacity of cosmetics OEM enterprises, each enterprise oneself actual strength is uneven, however, at the same time as the strengthening of national regulation and the entry of foreign companies, domestic small and medium-sized cosmetics OEM enterprise current situation is not nearly as well, but the XJ Beauty can beckoning, is this why?

1, pay attention to research and development!

a without cosmetics OEM factory workshop and r&d team is like a life without soul, for the development level of the domestic cosmetics manufacturer industry, each enterprise is uneven. Some cosmetics OEM factory or in the phase of imitation and follow suit blindly, and XJ Beauty of core competence is the research and development, have makeup industry research and development team, customized for clients of various types of cosmetics.

2, research and development technical reserve formula!

when all companies in the study of consumer demand, study how to do research and development in technology and market, the combination of XJ Beauty is in the use of big data analytics for customization production, the service benefit from our many years of research and development technical reserves. A lot of research and development achievements, especially in the effect this type of product, gained a lot of patent technology, whitening, weight loss, the spot and so on, have to research and development formula can help to you!

3, keep on learning!

cosmetics OEM industry in China is now gradually formed a kind of both opportunities and challenges, the Chinese market is becoming a south Korean cosmetics OEM 'the cradle' of the enterprise. The entry of foreign outstanding foundry enterprise, really 'get' going his many big brand partners, but this is the market, instead of complaining about the pressure of competition, hold the attitude of learning is better than a look at these excellent foreign cosmetics OEM contract caused by the concept of advanced manufacturing technology and research and development.

XJ Beauty thrive on challenges, keep moving forward, because we have a profound strength do support!

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