Cosmetics OEM: efficacy evaluation method of human trials

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-12
OEM: efficacy evaluation method of human trials cosmetic efficacy evaluation research in China is still in its infancy, the relevant technology and standards lag behind the development of the cosmetics industry, in some areas is still blank. How to reasonable assessment effectively, the cosmetics need to comprehensively consider the effect of products, functional component, mechanism, a variety of factors such as product formulations. Based on the mechanism of the evaluation method and the function object, can be roughly divided into biophysical methods, image analysis, biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology methods, animal test and human test. Mainly about the human testing evaluation method: human testing refers to the human body as the research object, using the test sample index measurement, after obtaining experimental data, so as to evaluate the product efficacy and method. ( 1) moisturizing moisturizing efficacy evaluation system's function is to maintain the skin moisture content, the human body in the skin natural moisturizing system mainly consists of water, lipid, natural moisturizing factor. Lipid layer filling between the cuticle cells, main effect is to form water barrier to prevent moisture loss. The evaluation of the skin stratum corneum moisture content, therefore, is cosmetics moisturizing efficacy assessment essential physiological indexes. After the skin moisture loss value TEWL is an important sign of skin barrier function is good or bad, is an important indicator of evaluation of cosmetics moisturizing effect, has been widely recognized in the world. ( b) whitening efficacy evaluation will be applied to human skin, avoid ultraviolet irradiation by using skin color tester, were observed before and after using the skin color changes, to evaluate effect of whitening cosmetics manufacturer. The skin color of skin can be used to determine the Mexameter MX18 detector for melanin. This kind of image analysis technology is based on the principle of spectrum absorption, through specific wavelength of light reflection on the human skin quantity to determine the melanin content in the skin. Application of ultraviolet radiation normal skin, artificial melanin spots model is established, and the model of the indicators such as irradiation dose, the observation time and measurement are compared, and optimization for the evaluation of the effect of medicated whitening products to provide objective, stable and repeatable experiment method. ( c) fade wrinkles, anti-aging effect evaluation skin aging is caused by natural and unnatural factors skin aging phenomenon. People increasingly developed after the birth of skin tissue, the function gradually active, when reach a certain age began to degenerate. Skin is flabby, forming wrinkles, reduce content of skin moisture, skin grease is secreted decrease, the change of the collagen, etc. , these physiological indexes reflects the degree of the aging of skin. The wrinkles/texture is one of the most important indicator of evaluation of cosmetics manufacturer. The skin elasticity, the determination of moisture, the actual effect evaluation of cosmetics applied to human skin, also has irreplaceable significance.
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