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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-12
OEM: do you know about cosmetics processing process? < p> 2020 - 02 - 19 like < / p> it is well known that cosmetics profits is very big, so cosmetics processing process how? Today, small make up will organize for you specific cosmetics manufacturing processes. 1, company registration and trademark registration. Company registration for the client is not difficult, but a bit difficult to trademark registration. Not only is this process, the main is now many trademark has been registered. Less can think of a solution: a strong processing company strength will help you to solve these problems or recommend you to trademark registration agent, the cost is around 1000 - 2500. 2, product positioning and marketing channels to expand. When decided to do cosmetics manufacturer processing by the customer, they need to confirm the product positioning, it is very important. Determine the development of the company in the future. What kind of customers should be aimed at? Product is the effect that to single or multiple effects? Have any requirements on material quality? Marketing channel is online or offline, so at the same time? 3, looking for the cosmetics processing factory or company. 4, after you have collected your preferred cosmetics manufacturer information, you need to invite them to send the samples, but just look at the sample is not apply, so you need to visit to visit. 5, in general, the sample will be to visit the factory before or behind the line of the trial. How to determine the quality of the samples? Price of the product, the overall estimate price, and related packaging materials, as long as they want to do the product type, there are probably cost estimates, so know the price of the product, you can basically to know the cost of your product, you need to choose according to their relative prices in the sample, so as to attempt to do the high performance-price ratio. When choosing cosmetics factory, inspect the company's ability, service ability and executive ability is very important. How to check the ability to execute? Product proofing, for example, the communication time of each other, whether can advance the time of delivery, or shipment within the prescribed period of time. And from the ordinary staff and technical staff communication ability, speech is professional, whether have full knowledge of their product and industry information? These things can only be learned through field investigation.
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