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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-09
Slowed down under the influence of early in the retail, so there are the core values of cosmetics manufacturer retail stores gradually reshaping itself. Affects the whole world, the Internet is changing people's lifestyle and business format. So traditional cosmetics stores in the context of the Internet is experiencing unprecedented test, general discounts and promotions is hard to attract the consumers, electricity, purchased overseas and other new channels are scraping the cosmetics market, stores will be how to break through again? , for the moment, customer experience seems to be the cosmetics store change is the most direct performance, through experience marketing to achieve the passenger flow, stream of people into a real commercial value and the actual flow of purchase intention and the spending power of consumers, the ultimate goal is to achieve its growth performance. Guangzhou XJ think Beauty cosmetics factory, customer experience for the cosmetics store, and is not new vocabulary, past before the shop is also attaches great importance to the backyard a manifestation of the experience of the cosmetics store after store before the backyard decline period of history, as a new entity retail to strengthen to the attention of the experience, therefore, the former shop upgrade also appears in the cosmetics shop in the back yard. Just what are the manifestation of upgrade, still have to slowly step by step. It is understood that the current in-store trial makeup stage has become a standard store, most of the stores directly put on the table in the region of the makeup, convenient for customers to provide trial makeup makeup makeup and so on various aspects of service. Meanwhile, within the chain also opened a customer experience zone, equipped with equipment has a deck chair, beauty bed or skin care equipment, etc. , provided inside the customer from the clean face, apply face film, protect skin to make up the full set of one-stop service. In addition, there are also some cosmetics shops are increasing free threading or additional services such as weighed, purpose is also very obvious, so as to attract more traffic. Learned, always pays attention to the experience of fujian beauty chain, the increased free go and borrow the umbrella and other life service, in providing customers with convenient at the same time, increased the daily interaction with customers, very human nature is changed. And tang sancai the nation's first intelligent beauty makeup experience the museum also provide consumers with a variety of services such as inspection and scalp skin experience. Common nail may have become a cosmetics manufacturer store, in fact, the embroider eyebrow lip color and QuZhi also unusually hot, and so on project, the project can not only in consumer demand, also became the important profitable projects within the store. Just because of the type of request is higher, stores from buying equipment to introduce products to stores, as well as the final staff skill training, it takes a lot of time and manpower to do preparation. In addition, there are some community shop introduced a kind of traditional Chinese medicine. Customers into the store can provide massage neck scrapping, dial, moxibustion, etc. Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics OEM generation of processing plants to understand the experience behind the project is mostly customers to buy the store products can enjoy the experience of service, consumers in Beauty also is good for health, also acclaimed. In some stores during the summer, the store's muscle and spa services, store a day on average at least 20 people to make an appointment, visible strength were remarkable. For in-store services model, the personage inside course of study also has not the voice of the two, one party is expected to experience the perfection, the better, there is a party, said in the cosmetics store is more suitable for a moderate amount of customer service experience, should as far as possible to reduce the clerk to spend time on customer experience. Guerlain, for example, the wind more advocate to do some necessary experience, just want to know enough is enough. The essence of cosmetic stores, or want to fast pin for the theme center. Is more direct, if stores all the energy focus on customer service experience, is good or bad, is not at all. Because of excessively do experience really easy to disperse the clerk of the energy, but also will produce fatigue, cosmetics shop should still give priority to with sales, sales experience, are the aim of no sales experience, experience should around customer selected products in the product function is given priority to, and experience time shoulds not be too long, customer single experience should be controlled within the prescribed period of time. Just how to handle the customer experience time? But in particular are for specific needs of the stores set. There are a number of smaller, small and medium-sized stores products sector competitiveness is not strong or constructions, also gradually to beauty project as profit, so these stores for the experience of customer service, should also pursue perfection. In fact, increase the experience area just surface to solve the needs of stores, such as Hugh completes the key still depends on experience. Current experience of various project has a very high standard to the requirement of the clerk, clerk also is more than just a single salesman, and a layer of identity is the service personnel. If you want to do a good job in customer service experience, is extremely difficult. So many stores also began to strengthen professional training for staff, for experience project for the clerk also set up a commission, to encourage the assistant service ability and the professional accomplishment. Obviously experiential marketing from the current overwhelming, fuelled by upgrading in retail cosmetics stores must explore more suitable for their own experience of their own way.
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