Cosmetics OEM: cosmetics packaging materials how to choose?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-14
packaging materials are important, XJ share how to choose the Beauty cosmetics packaging materials to satisfy the protection products, convenient transportation, promote the sales of the three basic functions, in addition to take such as improve product taste, the recognition of the brand culture, enhance the brand value of the liability. Therefore, the packing quality will directly affect the consumer to judge the quality of products. So when choosing cosmetics packaging material to consider what factors? On this question XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer OEM according to their own experiences to share with you. packaging materials in general can be divided into main packaging materials and ancillary packaging materials of two parts. Main body packaging material usually refers to direct contact with the product of glass bottles, plastic bottles, plastic hose, etc. Auxiliary packaging materials, often referred to as paper label, plastic tags, paper color box, color box, plastic corrugated carton is not in direct contact with the product such as packaging material. The choice of main body packaging material 1. Some mechanical properties of packaging material in order to effectively protect the product, to have a certain strength, toughness and elasticity, to adapt to the pressure, shock, vibration and other external factors. 2. Blocking performance according to different cosmetic requirements on packing, the packaging should be to cutting off since moisture, light, smell, etc. Such as XJ Beauty factory products for packaging material foundation resistance of water demand is higher, because this kind of product moisture content is low, have strict requirements on water loss. 3. Consistent performance in the period of validity of cosmetics, storage, transportation and other environmental conditions is not fixed, the temperature and humidity of the corresponding also have change, this requires, packaging material in any extreme environmental conditions are not react with certain ingredients in cosmetics. 4. The sealing performance of sealing material should be, and will not happen as it passed the environmental change of the bell products. 5. Economic performance and cost requirements on the quality of material at the same time, also want to consider the cost of requirements, make quality of cosmetics can serve the public, the best quality and the need for the use of different material performance comparison experiment, and choose the right based on past experience and economical packaging. The option 1 of auxiliary packaging materials. Some mechanical properties of auxiliary packaging material to be able to effectively protect the finished product packaging, or assembly of parts. 2. Certain environmental tolerance ornaments labels and packaging materials on the subject, usually with the principal part of it with the adhesive material together, the environment tolerance refers to adhesive for temperature and humidity resistance. 3. Economic performance and cost requirements and the choice of main body packaging material, on the quality of packaging at the same time, also want to consider the requirements of economic performance and cost.
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