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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-13
In many aspects to improve despite strict regulation with the dividend policies, both, but of cosmetic industry in China still has many problems. At present, our country enterprise nearly 4000 got the license for the manufacturing of cosmetics, there are nearly 500000 kinds of species of domestic cosmetics, is a production enterprise are numerous. But, according to euromonitor co. , LTD. , according to the domestic cosmetics market sales of the top brands is basic for foreign brands, domestic only Shanghai jahwa and kuan ti group in columns, foreign brands dominate in the market. At the same time, top ten cosmetics brand market share of less than 50%, the overall market concentration degree is not high. Numerous well-known consumer brands, China's cosmetics low-ranking, the main reason lies in the cosmetics has two consumption characteristics, namely, product quality and product brands. People when buying cosmetics, often first consider the quality of our products and cosmetic products quality and biochemistry and so on various aspects of research and development ability has a direct relationship, China as a developing country, in the biological chemistry study ability as a whole still lags behind that of developed countries. Therefore, our country some cosmetics in such aspects as the anti-wrinkle, whitening function may also has certain disparity with many famous brand. Second, cosmetics brand in China's history is relatively short, even well-known brands such as yu beauty net, Xie Fuchun, no commercial operation before the reform and opening to the outside, so in terms of marketing, our experience is much more than the less developed countries. Although after reform and opening up, especially for nearly five to ten years, our country cosmetics on the marketing growing, all kinds of marketing channel mode of marketing, marketing gimmick is in constant innovation, but our experience over international well-known brand is relatively small. In particular, the current domestic cosmetics brand is still in the state of competition. Therefore, no brand can really stand out, in a leadership position in the market. Compete with international brands of cosmetics in China strength is still relatively limited, brand awareness is not high. Most are done now cosmetics OEM processing to enhance his reputation, improve their awareness of. Business super channel are important to the success of a cosmetics manufacturer brand, but the cost of a local brand is generally difficult to bear the high channel and advertising. industry have a certain fashion, consumers for foreign brand awareness is higher, is not conducive to domestic enterprises adopt the price war mode. And most of the domestic cosmetics manufacturers, there is no set up the brand image and influence, therefore, it is difficult to form the core competitiveness, when go global and the heart is unable to avoid. Improve their own development as key to winning the market with industry experts predict that 2016 - In 2020 China cosmetic industry will be 5. Growing at 05%, to 2021 industry scale ( Skin care, hair care, bath, make-up, perfume) Is expected to reach 349. 9 billion yuan. China's overall cosmetic industry will grow faster than the United States, Britain, Japan and other developed countries, as the world's fastest-growing cosmetics market. In the face of such a huge market share, China cosmetic industry how to break through their own win the market to become the primary bottleneck problem. 'Is the most important thing to shape a good Chinese cosmetics quality aim', Zhao Ping believes that investment in research and development of the domestic cosmetics manufacturer market in China now compared to previous boost, especially some new brands, such as kans, damned, there are some more traditional famous brands, such as which, yu beauty net, etc. , are constantly explore the tactics of marketing innovation, the market popularity has also been improved. Rapidly rising in popularity, however, still want to do the quality of the products on the basis of a solid. And then on the quality of the product to have its own unique advantages, have the core competitiveness of the core technology support up growing, to make the brand on the basis of more visibility, constantly improve their own reputation and loyalty, in order to really win the domestic market, eventually become the world's big. For the development of cosmetics manufacturer enterprises, besides their own power, the government should also take effective incentive policy, strengthen the cosmetics enterprise production operation control at the same time, ensure the quality, make enterprise meet the basic conditions of brand development. Can at the same time, the government of cosmetic industry development seminars, is each enterprise's development present situation and development trend are discussed, especially for strength good cosmetics enterprises, guide the advertising strategy, consumers, accurate positioning and adopt innovative marketing strategy, to enhance the local cosmetics market share. In addition, the cosmetic industry also needs to pay attention to the cultivation of professional personnel, from raw material procurement to the counter sales has a professional quality professionals are needed to complete. This can make the product quality guarantee, but also to better serve the customer, understand the market demand, thereby promoting the growth of enterprises, to produce products that meet the public demand. China's cosmetics industry has huge potential. In market share, road towards internationalization, Chinese cosmetics enterprises should also work together, starting from the angles and aspects, to make a certain contribution to the development of cosmetic industry in our country, promote industry development forward.
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