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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-14
OEM relationship of ampoules and concentrate < p> 2018 - cosmetics manufacturer OEM processing 09 - 05 17:45:00 < / p> ordinary ampoules active ingredients on the market can survive for 3 months or so, but cosmetics manufacturer OEM ampoules, the active ingredient can survive 2 years. Ampoules are no added preservatives and essence, so Ann bottle bouquet is composition, such as hyaluronic acid, bottle, it is the smell of the smell of hyaluronic acid. Glass bottle of bottle with complete sealing, make active ingredients from the outside world pollution, can be long-term preservation. Ampoules are skin first-aid station? Actually ampoules and concentrate is relatively similar to protect skin to taste, ampoules and concentrate is the biggest difference between the bottle packaging. Ann bottle is the upgrade version of concentrate, its biggest advantage is that the product composition, cosmetics OEM engineer, said Ann bottle is a high concentration of concentrate, no added preservatives and fragrances, skin care effect more efficient, so Ann bottle is also known as skin & other; First-aid station & throughout; 。 Ampoules used more frequently, the faster you can improve the skin condition? Ann bottle belongs to the high concentration of active essence, has high penetration ability, will be absorbed by skin quickly. Ann bottle before use only 3 - a week Four times, but after research and development of cosmetics manufacturer OEM, cosmetics OEM production of bottle can use every day, so for the skin care more effective. But it is suggested to pay attention to the using component, after all, is not the more the better, one day a bottle, with half in the morning and night. About the bottle, you need to know an original intention for the condensed essence, is a completely preservative-free vacuum packaging to protect skin to taste. Somebody asks, why does Ann bottle must use glass bottle? Reply for a professional cosmetics OEM because Ann bottle contains a high concentration of active ingredients, such as active ingredient can be efficient skin, at the same time also vulnerable to the outside world pollution leads to loss of activity, active ingredients once lose activity, loss of skin effect.
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