Cosmetics OEM: big use lipstick, lipstick can also increase eyelashes?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-14
For in the general's sister lipstick's essential beauty products. In order to be able to timely repair a makeup, a lot of sister put lipstick on your bag in order to use at any time. But according to the service life of the lipstick, 3 - after opening Six months out is ideal. 'In such a short time out is impossible! 'Perhaps heard of this, most women would think so. So XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer OEM small make up today to teach you a few action other than the care of lips lipstick use the tips, is both practical and can burn the lipstick of best use. Eyelash shape whether they use eyelash creams, you can apply a little lip balm on eyelash, especially lip balm contains vaseline ingredients. This is a famous cosmetics manufacturer division Sarah pullman beauty secret cilia. Do this not only helps moisturize dry in the winter fragile broken eyelash, increase the intensity of eyelash, can also help make eyelash to firm up is not easy to hang on. Because the eyelash eyelash thick growth detailer is not essential toiletries, although there are many women want to buy but also will hesitate: 'so you don't buy or'. But actually the lipstick can take the place of eyelash detailer. This is because the oil content of the lipstick can protect eyelash, promote the growth of eyelash, make eyelash grow is thick and long. However, eye is very vulnerable sensitive parts. Contact with lip stick of lipstick will be stained with a considerable amount of bacteria, therefore, please be sure to use the lipstick of bottled and clean finger touch or a swab take blotted out. In addition, the lipstick is meant to apply on lips, in the eyes when using need to pay attention to don't put them into his eyes. Possible sister couldn't get to the method, how to do? Teach you several steps to deal with easily. Step1: will have been taken to burn the kaifeng lip balm daub on the eyelash, can make you more roll become warped eyelash, also will make your eyelashes longer. Compared with the original flavor of natural lip balm, scented colorless lipstick or lip balm for eyelash growth has a better effect. Before applying lip balm, make sure your lipstick don't have mint oh. Step2: apply lip balm to the lashes. Daub method: starting from the eyelash root, up a little bit of lip balm. Lip balm will gently pressed around the eyelash of the skin, make sure that your skin can get lip moist. Step3: on another eye lashes to repeat a step. Step4: in the best time to daub eyelash brush embellish lipstick: before going to bed will best lip balm to daub eyelash, after wearing an eye mask to sleep. Step5: after waking up, and gently remove eyelash eyes lip balm. On the eyelids again daub embellish lipstick, can daub double lip balm, it helps penetration, make your eyelash growth. To burn the lip balm for a second get treasure, isn't it amazing? Don't hurriedly tell friends, put lipstick development together!
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