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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-14
OEM analysis combined shampoo < p> 2018 - cosmetics OEM processing 07 - 25 10:06:41 < / p> with the passage of time, the consumer concept of shampoo and conditioner felt tired, so seal products become less attractive. But combined technology is still in use, and cosmetics OEM small make up today think most moisturizing shampoo is actually seal type. When the cosmetics OEM small make up first in the cosmetics manufacturer industry do hair care formula technology, sales of the first brand of shampoo is PertPlus. Consumers like this brand of combined shampoo and hair care technology, almost all other brands have tried to imitate it. It has been proved that the technology patent protection make it difficult to counterfeit. Therefore, suppliers and competitive brands found many hair clean and have a product toning effect, some of the more successful. Unfortunately, due to the shampoo and conditioner instead of the target function, thus developing a good dual function formula may be challenging. Shampoo is the purpose of removing dirt on the hair and oily substances. While conditioners work goal is to leave oily substances in situ. Shampoo is another problem, in use process need foam, but most of the cationic conditioner will reduce the amount of foam. Combined according to consumer demand for convenient, replace the two steps with one step. At the same time, combined as consumers find standard conditioner for thin hair too & other; Thick & throughout; And to attract consumers.
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