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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-10
OEM briefly occupied the beauty industry market ampoules < p> cosmetics - 2018 08 - 24 17:26:42 strength < / p> a: consult for brand differentiation ampoules product fit, form, direct consumer pain points on the cosmetics market homogeneity the seriousness of the problem, based on the perspective of consumer demand, tailored for the customer competitive differentiation ampoules, ampoules differentiation core advantage, make ampoules processing customers in the fierce competition in the cosmetics market. Processing industry, define the cosmetics glass ampoule higher standards! Nearly 100000 times 365 day test, Germany introduced exclusive custom, smooth bottle does not hurt the skin. Persistent pursuit higher standard & ndash; — All the ampule bottle is well-known German ampoule production enterprise in accordance with the high standard requirements of design and production, ampoule bottle based on 16 plus or minus tolerance standard pipe diameter 0. 14 mm, very good strength of boron silicon materials through mechanical test on the basis of the permanent work is more efficient in the use process, batch of feng bottle intact, higher security. After a year-long study testing improvement, nearly 100000 times, batch of feng fracture roughness industry is higher, implementation standards! Power 2: only the world's most vivid the most efficient ampoules concentrate ampoule bottle, define ampoules processing industry the highest standard, make industry originality, fermentation and plant protoplasmic series matching multiple plants essence, from the source to ensure the bottle of the concentrate quality and fresh, & ndash; — Pure fresh, without adding, high permeability, easy to absorb, medical beauty, patent technology, make the consumers can in the shortest possible time to use after skin best, effective skin care effect while in line with the current skin care needs of consumers. Strength 3: equipped with an one-stop OEM service, let you worry-free cosmetics OEM as Ann bottle processing industry leading enterprises, the biggest advantage is to have a professional cosmetics manufacturer OEM team and specializing in the production of an instrument. OEM team is able to provide customers in the pre-sale perfect one-stop cosmetics processing service, let customers worry-free. GMPC production workshop and professional top level 100000 ampoules processing equipment safeguard bottles of product quality and delivery speed, nissan 400000 hits. OEM ampoules slogan & one of the other; Fast & throughout; &ldquo,; Fast & throughout; — — Category, full solutions and strong team, service more broad, easy production, fast delivery! ! ! Market storm to custom, for brand promotion.
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