Cosmetics ODM processing service process

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-14
A cosmetic ODM business, factory must several departments cooperate with each other, small design to the packaging of cosmetics manufacturer, will be honed ability of the factory. Each department cooperation inseparable, also interconnected, under the condition of design production process system must be clear and logical thinking can undertake, a company process the completion rate is high, the efficiency will be better, this is not a very easy thing. Early preparation of the project: an enterprise brand promotion, marketing promotion department contact business customers access to information content, the business process according to the customer, the project plan department protection programs, product research and development department in accordance with the provisions of the edition, customer specific collaboration, present design departments on the basis of laboratory to handle the registration department of materials, the design of the design of customer satisfaction products, documentary pursuant to the purchase time range packaging materials for submit orders, in addition to transact registration departments do record filing materials submitted. Commodity manufacturing stages: packaging materials, raw materials in a timely manner, IE department manufacturing orders, the quality department for examination and approval, to the factory product quality inspection, the emulsion of raw materials, semi-finished products processing and quality inspection, packaging manufacturing to delivery of the goods. After comparing front-end developer, web side simple many manufacturing stage, many factories in erp system software is the backend development stage of production process. Compared to the old customer relationship maintenance, new customer development and design is much more difficult, online management working experience in trading in the new customers must pay money 1200 yuan, up and down the old customer relationship maintenance cost just ordinary maintenance, what gifts at the feast, like the elderly couples, a candle light dinner will be able to take down, cost: 5 yuan 焟 candle and a rose 30 yuan, the steak is 100 yuan, total 135. Meet a lover, a bunch of roses, 300, romantic revolving restaurant, 500, seascape villa big bed room, 550 yuan of total 1350. Problem is still not certain, ten in the bush, not a bird, a little more care for old customers. Documentary online customer service work is the key for the order, continuity and factory about problem again, this one phase, to solve the job is not easy, perfect documentary department, factory have separate separate small processing plants can also configure the documentary, meaning is documentary is crucial, but the trend of development in each phase in the factory, the documentary is not the most attaches great importance to an entity, summary work to make money, not hard isn't pleasing. Emulsion must be quality and warehouse departments cooperate with each other, between the raw materials to semi-finished products processing, quality of production process, semi-finished products processing results, this is all factory key departments, front-end development front-end development marketing, corporate profits are all emulsion production workshop. Here also want to say two department, warehouse and quality, the level 2 department key is not to a certain part of the company can not master, in the company management course teacher mentioned how tough Toyota 'zero inventory', the time to study won't listen, think back to the teacher now small expression, zero inventory warehouse too horse a how difficult things, inventory means that the company operations, in the warehouse of goods is not in my pocket money. Company survive a standard, the product quality to ensure that, a company, even the quality can't ensure that the final will be eliminated, the revolution of science and technology of France, to follow behind in the hips, commodity quality concern, need to know the quality of the goods, now the German products carefully, China's manufacturing industry is also in that way, the factory ability I think two departments of quality and warehouse is ok, most can reflect the overall strength of the overall. Assembly shop often go to, the quality inspection disinfection sterilization cans to spurt the code assembly which are not good.
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