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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-10
new standard common tag next month a < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:26:13 < / p> information times, new standard cosmetic common tag will be introduced in the middle of next month. Reporters learned that the new standard, there are two major changes, it is increased with the requirement of cosmetic ingredients; The increase in defined in cosmetics products used in dental and oral mucosa. It is reported, by the China light industry federation of cosmetics manufacturer common tag 'new standard' put forward by the middle of next month through the label committee discussed and finally finalized. The new standard by Shanghai jahwa co. , LTD. , procter & gamble ( China) Co. , LTD. , co. , LTD. , unilever shiseido li source cosmetics co. , LTD. And amway ( China) The drafting of daily necessities co. , LTD. It is understood that the old version of cosmetics common tag since 1996, there has been no modifications or revisions. Increase with cosmetic ingredients according to understand, compared to the original standard, the new standard, there are two major changes, it is increased with the requirement of cosmetic ingredients; The increase in defined in cosmetics products used in dental and oral mucosa. According to p&g ( China) Co. , LTD Li Lian regulations manager introduction, put forward with cosmetic ingredients, for three reasons, one is giving consumers right to know of product components; 2 it is to keep up with all the ingredient labels the pace of globalization. At present, the European Union, the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries have implemented a full composition standards; 3 it is to crack down on fake and inferior products. However, the new content of the controversy, the enterprise thinks, the consumer is not industry, look not to understand professional strong component name, even if the implementation of all the ingredient labels also is unable to realize their right to know; A enterprise, points out that at present the country supervision system is not perfect, after the implementation of all the ingredient labels, if there is a department supervise whether products marked by the composition is true? Also has the enterprise is put forward, the area of the cosmetic label co. , small packaging products, in particular, whether all components marked on the packaging is also a problem. Oral products into cosmetics according to introducing, in the past such as toothpaste, toothbrush and dental floss is used for dental and oral mucosa of the product and there is no clear ownership, a business, as long as they are applied to the business license, production and sales of such products for quality supervision, market norms, etc. A lot of hidden trouble. The new standard for the first time explicitly asked to oral products include cosmetic management field. Colgate-palmolive co. , LTD. , wenzhou jin-song zhou think big China technical regulatory affairs manager, toothpaste, toothbrush and other products is used in the mouth, since food, medicine and so on have strict control, so also should strengthen the management of such products. And the oral products into cosmetics is to fill the gaps in the administration of such products, this to clean up the market, especially has very big effect to protect the brand. At the same time, the industry are put forward, the new content of the increase will inevitably encounter difficult problem, because the original oral product without access to relevant management agencies, if put it into cosmetics, will face the production license, the hygiene license issued by which department and so on.
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