Cosmetics manufacturers processing: beauty cosmetics anti-counterfeiting technology

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-27
Cosmetics manufacturers processing: beauty cosmetics anti-counterfeiting technology new upgrade < p > 2018 - cosmetics processing manufacturer 08 - 31 17:51:38 < / p > in recent years, with the rapid development of our economy, our beauty makeup industry maintained a rapid and stable growth, according to relevant data show that from 140 billion yuan in 2007 to 2017, nearly 400 billion yuan, China's cosmetics market grew by 138%, and had never occurred due to macroeconomic of stagnation or negative growth. And with the electricity, the rise of new retail and all kinds of & other; Black technology & throughout; Widely used in cosmetics retail and marketing promotion, cosmetic processing market presents the best momentum of development. However, under the enormous market power course, make a lot of opportunistic, manufacture fake cosmetics, a year into the cosmetics industry of fake goods value has more than ten billion yuan. Fake products bring beauty cosmetics industry is far from product profit loss so simple, it harm the consumers' rights and interests, threatening the health of consumers, more serious damage to the consumer confidence in beauty makeup brand. For better maintenance beauty industry vigorous development, the benign protection cosmetics enterprise brand and market, protect the safety and rights and interests of consumers. Chamber of commerce in the All-China federation and hairdressing cosmetic industry with the support from the leaders at all levels, set up the anti-counterfeiting technology professional committee, and guide the independent research and development of anti-counterfeiting technology professional committee, introduced a hairdressing cosmetic anti-counterfeiting traceability platform All-China federation of industry and national hairdressing cosmetic real id code. No authoritative attestation, no strict technology, anti-counterfeiting, worrying cosmetics processing manufacturers understand that many current electric business platform and manufacturers introduced anti-counterfeiting code, but why the fakes on the market, the prohibition gray, counterfeit goods, or? According to cosmetics processing factory, the cosmetics market, though there is a lot of security authentication code, the vast majority of the non exclusive technology, the technical threshold is not high, resulting in the technology after the launch was soon broken by fraud molecules or imitation, thus making the anti-counterfeiting function. And the launch of electric business platform and manufacturer of anti-counterfeiting code, or on the market a lot of security company self-built some anti-counterfeiting query center platform, because there is no authority to do endorsement, makes the lack of the identity of the platform, manufacturers and consumers think goods authenticity verification is & other; Left hand & throughout; Check & other; The right hand & throughout; , fairness to be fastidious. Even, anti-counterfeiting mark, appear on the market data leakage phenomenon, in the final analysis is to provide security scheme of lax supervision, internal management and the technology itself and be cracked because of lower threshold, give brands caused serious losses. Cosmetics processing factory in innovation of advanced technology for security, beauty makeup industry credit system is established.
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