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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-11
manufacturers: factors affecting cosmetics manufacturer manufacturing cost < p> 2020 - 03 - 18 12:07:33 < / p> in recent years, due to the rapid development of social economy, cosmetics manufacturer processing has become a hot sector. However, the cost of cosmetics generation processing is influenced by many factors. In short, cosmetics manufacturing cost = + packaging material ( Within the packaging + outsourcing material) + artificial cost, minimum quantity. Small make up today with you some details about the influencing factors of cosmetics manufacturing cost. 1, the material quality clear to processing the product positioning and sales channel. Such as series of professional cosmetics or cosmetic series of cosmetics manufacturer. Cosmetic product line generally follow the electricity business channels and wechat business channel, professional line of products for the beauty salon, orientation is different, the quality requirements are different. In general, daily chemical products within the price will be lower, professional products in the price of material will be relatively high. 2, there are two kinds of packaging materials: the inner packaging materials and packaging materials. The inner packing material for glass bottle, plastic bottle, hose, etc. , commonly packaging material for paper bag packing in general. Customers can also provide their own internal and external packaging materials, only a change in cosmetics factory processing from the inner packing material, and then filling and packaging. 3, initial order quantity, whether the number of processing orders or the number of packaging materials, involve the issue of the initial order quantity. Produce more quantity can save labor costs, reduce the loss of the machine cost. Therefore, if the quantity less, processing the price will be higher. If cosmetics or processing orders for larger, generation processing manufacturers tend to offer certain discount. 4, and other cosmetics manufacturing cost. Factory processing station service, product examination fee and registration fee, etc. In addition, the customer to choose the processing method, some manufacturers have their own mature formula, whether it involves manufacturers need to order the raw material, and the time cost will increase, which affect the cosmetics manufacturing cost. In short, many factors influencing the cosmetics processing cost, not only from the two aspects, and it is comparative and comprehensive. Suggest you to cosmetics factory on-the-spot investigation, to understand clearly.
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