Cosmetics manufacturers commonly used several websites, do you know what they are?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-04

a lot at first contact cosmetics OEM brands or to transition to cosmetics skincare products industry friends, do you want to know cosmetics cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer which good? In order to solve this doubt, XJ here small make up of Beauty specially finishing some cosmetics cosmetics manufacturer in this field, often used several websites, facilitate everybody do prophase work and bedding, can through various channels to collect more information, better advance their ideas to the ground.

1: national drug and food administration:

it can understand the dynamics of state laws and regulations of the industry, there are the popular science knowledge of the industry, the most important thing is that all the above have skin care beauty makeup the manufacturer's information of the industry, market brand products for the record information, including their later find manufacturers also need to put on record before making products.

2: the state trademark office:

| China state intellectual property office of the trademark office trademark net

brand trademark registration related matters can be seen above the specific content. Especially before the registered brand name to the nuptial query similarity query as well as the progress of the trademark query and so on. Do skin care products OEM company and trademark is must to basic conditions. In general 3 classes and class of 35 of the trademark has become the basis of two kinds of standard in the industry. In addition, the registered trademark is usually entrust a third party, more effective and cost - 600 1200 yuan, pay attention to each local charge is different, so may differ.

3: state administration of market supervision and management:

company information query, such as for a certain manufacturer's query, information is more transparent, and of course that we use is more companies see this app, if you need to deal with the new company, can have local consulting friends or baidu, don't repeat here shows, 1500 - 3500, see the specific situation.

4: article numbering center of China:

article numbering center of China (

do protect skin to taste, need to have a bar code on the package information, unified registration barcode official website in China. The corresponding item cost it can be understood.

5: beauty expo:

China international beauty expo

includes the current China's large comprehensive industry beauty expo information, whether in guangzhou or Shanghai or in other areas. There are relevant information can query.

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