Cosmetics label in the important information is hidden

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-22
'Cosmetic health supervision regulations' cosmetics is defined as: by inunction, spray or other similar methods, distribute in any part of the human body surface, in order to achieve clean, solve the bad smell, skin care, beauty and grooming, the purpose of daily chemical industry products. Hairdressing needle not cosmetics, therefore, its usage for injection, use parts of the body; Beauty capsule is not cosmetics, its usage is oral. 1, buy cosmetics, carefully read the labels of cosmetics. Domestic cosmetics label to indicate the product name, name and address of the manufacturing enterprise, the composition, production license number, production date and shelf-life, approval number. Imported cosmetics with qualified Chinese label, in addition to the product name, ingredients, production date and shelf life, such as approval or registration number information, should also be marked with the country of origin, importer or distributor name and address. 2, name of cosmetics cosmetics name generic by brand name + name + attribute names of three parts. Brand name should comply with the relevant state laws and administrative regulations; Generic names should be accurate, objective, the main raw material can be marked products or describe the purpose and use of words; 3, composition information on sale of cosmetics in China USES a whole component identification, that is to say, the cosmetics formula to add all the ingredients in the ingredients list of tags real noting. Composition table logos order is according to the content of each ingredient in the formula by order, the higher the content, ranking the top. 4, warranty information, cosmetics labels can choose production date and shelf life, shelf life or production batch number and date of use within a time limit in two ways.
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