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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-10
label management specification for advice < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:24:29 < / p> health supervision bureau recently again 'cosmetics manufacturer label management norms' ( Draft) For advice, advice deadline on May 20, 2007. Draft, cosmetics label content must be truthful, scientific and complete; The propaganda function must be true, has scientific basis, and meet the requirements of cosmetics definition function category, namely, clean, eliminate bad smell, skin care, beauty, decoration and special purpose. Shall not be suggested by the function of the publicity materials to product actually don't have or do not allow the propaganda function. Mentioned in the draft cosmetics label refers to paste, connection or printing on cosmetics sales package, as well as in the sales package within the text, Numbers, symbols, design, video, and other materials. Draft, cosmetics label identified method of use, the use of parts of the definition, purpose and effect should be consistent with the cosmetics category; may not be efficient propaganda, such as 'xx cases effective', 'xx % effective' and similar expressions; Name annotation to be clear, complete, and easy to recognize, cannot use easy to cause confusion, mislead consumers or other adverse effects of tagging way; In the name shall not be used to exaggerate the function or mislead consumers trademark; should be marked on the label the necessary warning information, such as conditions of use, using method, precautions and possible adverse reactions; Encourage cosmetics manufacturer logo on the label 'this product has allergies to a human body, if you are unwell, please immediately stop using' content; Yukon hair, hair color, perm, deodorization, hair removal products and nail hardener must be marked on the label using condition, using methods and matters needing attention; label content should be true, can not have false exaggerating, express or implied effect on the treatment of diseases and the effect of content, shall not use medical terms and shall not be misleading to consumers, shall not be 'by the ministry of health ( The door) Approval of 'or' the ministry of health ( The door) A special name for advertising products, such as 'or approval documents shall not put the cosmetics cosmetics manufacturer inspection agency inspection report as the label content. Draft attachment separately illustrates cosmetics label recommendation feature that language and tagging language is prohibited. ( The ministry of health's press office)
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