Cosmetics information: the core of marketing communication tactics have those?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-19

beauty makeup products are often women take it for granted that is their second face, makeup can let a female consumers in a different mood. Therefore, we put a second face on the '+ change a mood' as the core of cosmetics marketing communication tactics.

every woman has two faces, a face is before making up, a face is after makeup. Insight into the heart of woman, we will find that they hope the first face smooth, beautiful, healthy, nourishing, they hope that the second face bright beautiful. This is why the cosmetics on the quality of both emphasize health nourishing and emphasis on the reason of the bright beautiful. brand more hope female consumers face two different requirements can be satisfied at the same time.

of course, if cosmetics will not be able to meet the needs of female consumers two face, it is imperfect or incomplete product.

in the process of marketing communication, we certainly don't claim out of thin air in fraudulent marketing communication, so, we put forward a concept - — Marketing communication begins with product development, that is to say, cosmetics manufacturer development shall strictly follow two face product development philosophy, rather than to wait for the marketing communication ideas I will want to quote separately, when even reluctant to give the brand a reason for the spread of two faces, because quality foundation is not firm, can also lead to poor marketing.

we often summed it up this way: 'insight into consumer demand, and then to meet consumer demand, is the source of product development, also is the core of the brand spread appeal to consumers. '

guangdong XJ Beauty: cosmetics manufacturer cosmetics OEM/odm cosmetics manufacturer: according to the user's unique cosmetics consumption characteristics, female consumers are the main customer base, can from inside to outside to change people's faces, to make most of the cosmetics to' two faces 'have to meet the comprehensive characteristics of consumer demand, of course, also be cosmetics marketing communication the basic thinking of the premise.

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