Cosmetics industry six consumer trends

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-22
With the development of economic globalization, the new industry, new forms and new kinetic energy, and vigorously promote the common development of the world economy. 1) The global cosmetics market is bottoming out in 2016, a steady growth, global cosmetics market scale in 2018 reached $488 billion, year-on-year growth of 4. 12%; 2) The United States, Japan and domestic top global cosmetics consumer first three; Domestic, emerging markets such as India, South Korea in the past decade global growth; 3) The global cosmetics industry presents three trends: diversified consumer demand, consumption experience science and technology upgrade, sustainable and zero waste lifestyle advocate; 4) In social power, social APP fission spread and web celebrity economy, driven by domestic online cosmetics market is growing; 5) Skin care products is a major category, the domestic online beauty makeup industry consumption accounted for nearly sixty percent of the whole; Colour makeup faster growth in 2019; Emerging cosmetic instrument market rapid growth; 6) More positive national policy and the increasingly mature industry chain, become to promote the domestic cosmetics industry the two major driving force of evolution; 7) After 90, 95, has gradually become the online cosmetics consumption contributed almost fifty percent of sales, 90 of them have been into online high spending crowd; 8) Online cosmetics consumer mainly comes from the second-tier cities, four lines and the following upgrade urban consumption is obvious. In industry cluster and new technology industry, industry chain optimization, driven by the domestic cosmetics industry into the 'new economy' era of awakening. And domestic consumer age structure change, differentiation and diversification of consumer demand, to this, the report says the six big consumption trend of the domestic cosmetics industry key words: 'natural ingredients', at the beginning of the 'old', 'makeup', 'beauty makeup air', 'light medical beauty' and 'oral beauty', and further parsing. Trend: natural system: plant herb raw material, by the young; Trend 2: at the beginning of anti-aging: contemporary leading, leading the 'intellectuals'; Trend 3: makeup: you and 'cosmetics master' only a handful of makeup brush. Trend 4: beauty makeup the tide: fresh air make-up rise, air also go high-end fan; Trend 5: medical beauty: black blessings of science and technology, hairdressing instrument is popular; Trend 6: oral beauty: bright white as the core, the aging tendency fadein 'snacks';
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