Cosmetics industry quality problem in the first place

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-22
Domestic quality journey received a total of 689 cases of complaints about the cosmetics. Data show that cosmetics quality problem has become one of the problems concerned by consumers. Cosmetic complaints mainly presents the following characteristics: 1, purchase channels, cosmetics online cosmetic problems. Over the past year, the domestic quality journey received complaint case, source is varied, including shopping malls supermarkets, stores, beauty salon, online shopping, television, telephone shopping, promotional gifts, etc. 2, the product quality problems in the complaint first. According to the data statistics and analysis, consumer complaints accounted for 84% of the total number of this quality problem. Which, through the packaging judgment do not agree with counters products accounted for 44%, after using produce discomfort symptoms accounted for 15% of complaints, complaints to the problem of fake and shoddy accounted for 29%. The first is the cosmetics health quality is unqualified, add banned substances such as illegal or restricted substances. Followed by label, instruction exaggerated propaganda mislead consumers, especially in the TV shopping and beauty salon services exist more exaggerated propaganda to sell cosmetics. In addition, the consumer has allergic constitution, choose cosmetics or improper use, improper and beauty salon on consumers' improper use of cosmetics is also one of the important factors of adverse reactions caused by cosmetics. 3, many problems of brand cosmetics. Commonly used cosmetics into clean, care, beauty class. Among them, the nursing class cosmetics complaints accounted for nearly 90% of total number three kinds of cosmetics. 4, consumers' rights consciousness is insufficient, the proof is difficult. Data show that some consumers are unable or fails to provide effective certificates to purchase goods or receive services. Among them, have skin damage cases, most consumers can't provide the hospital diagnosis has been proved that some consumers learned to give up the rights after need to identify the quality of the product.
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