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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-12
health standards improve < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:24:51 < / p> after drugs, health products, cosmetics industry of our country GMP certification and GHP certification will be killed! In yesterday, the guangdong food and drug administration to undertake 'cosmetics production enterprise health standards' ( GHP) Revision seminar, the reporter learned that, a 2000 version of the cosmetics production enterprise health standards has been working intensively to proceed with the revision, at the same time, the cosmetics industry is also brewing implementation of GMP ( The cosmetic good manufacturing practices) Certification. In the future, banned and restricted substances, add ingredients will be on a '. It was revealed that the cosmetics production enterprise health standards revised draft is expected to be finished before September this year, the GMP certification and cosmetics before October this year is expected to finish the first draft, and ultimately may be formed in the early next year on bid quotation SongShenGao committee review. Will give disabled and restricted substances' set according to the experts attending the meeting, the cosmetics regulation in China will gradually fade out examination and approval in advance, and strengthen supervision afterwards. At present our country has been in hospitals across the country set up 42 cosmetics skin adverse reaction monitoring, adverse reactions report has so far received 160 cases of skin, and some of them related to well-known brands abroad. At this year's brewing revision 'cosmetics production enterprise health standards' for restricted substances is disabled and will be given by; For the new raw material use will make specified. The expert points out, with the development of science and technology are the new raw material, not update standard will hinder the development of productivity, 'we consider the introduction of new detection methods, there are 6 - Seven is certification of the new method. We have learned, at present a lot of products with the slogan of 'healthy' hype, this trend has also began to appear in the cosmetics industry. In response, the Chinese center for disease control environment and health related product safety, said jin yinlong, director at random with 'healthy' brand is not scientific, on the premise of ensure the safety of cosmetics health, how to strengthen the safety evaluation is the revision of functional products. Companies use the GMP to prevent inferior enterprises siege, deputy director of the ministry of health supervision center yung-hsiang Chen said the cosmetics production enterprise health standards revision will be cosmetics production enterprise in our country must meet the mandatory standard, but also get the hygiene license access conditions, but 'cosmetic good manufacturing practices' will serve as a voluntary standards, by enterprises choose to implement. But as health care products is also a first pilot finally subject to compulsory certification, as a result, the industry consensus forecasts of cosmetics industry GMP will be carried out in accordance with the law of the same or not? Although experts have no positive answer the questions that the enterprise such as l 'oreal, dabao, good di representatives of expressed out of the strong passion. Wenzhou collecting them cosmetics co. , LTD. , general manager of Li Sulei admitted that for domestic companies, the threat comes not from foreign brands abroad, but the domestic company of mill. Li Sulei said. 'these small workshops didn't see the moon for the stars, although the size is very small, but is a great disservice to enterprise. In addition to price, more important is its poor quality will damage to the real life of the enterprise. Hong Kong media reported 2003 fake collecting them to be poisonous, almost ruined our throughout the southeast Asia market. ' Yung-hsiang Chen, cosmetics industry GMP is widely collected the United States, Japan, the European Union, cosmetics manufacturer production enterprise related regulations and standards, health food, drugs GMP relevant regulatory documents, including the legislative background and related information. Learned, has been launched cosmetics manufacturer rectification work will strengthen the inspection for material and for original materials storehouse, and circulation basin will be the focus of the rectification, beauty parlor and cosmetics manufacturer wholesale market is the key check list.
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