Cosmetics industry development trend and important industry bosses are playing cosmetics crossover

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-04

bosses, in a wide range of industries on the development of the cosmetics manufacturer industry, have played the crossover cosmetics, such as:

not long ago, the farmer mountain spring was just released spray horn blew across the world.

echoes is not scattered, they smell the flavor of cosmetics digital - — Beijing association of science and technology co. , LTD. , the legal representative of the change, from the original TongFu became now lenovo retail to cool technology CEO Zhou Ming wisdom, but also by Zhou Ming TongFu manager position to take over. Changes on the same day, the company's business scope has also changed, added some cosmetics, food, kitchen utensils, clothing, toys, etc.

if the farmer mountain spring cross-border cosmetics industry, also somewhat related, as lenovo as a technology giant, what position?

as a technology giant lenovo capable of diamond with porcelain live reason, of course, if choose cross-border cosmetics industry, surely it must be prepared. Lenovo data information technology accumulated for many years, can be said to be far compared to ordinary cosmetics manufacturer company. While the cosmetic operations to digital and money demand is higher and higher, but the cosmetics and electronic devices with each other, namely product updates iteration speed.

and 'spheres of culture' and 'focus' two phenomena gradually formed in the consumer, so in the smartphone market, millet can with the slogan of 'life' for the fever, and spreading quickly occupy the market, and develop their own diversified industrial chain business model. So it seems that lenovo can use its own technical advantages, coupled with precipitation consumers have layers of data, create attractive products for consumers be fond of, use of cosmetics in the advantages of the cycle is short and quick to establish lenovo beauty makeup dynasty.

in fact, than lenovo layout of transboundary millet as early as the first step has completed A complete for A man of science and technology at the beginning of A wheel is ten million yuan RMB led, the led will be equally successful as one of the members of millet filling, and peered at the man's products of science and technology, such as razor, hair dryer, hair comb, massage and other personal care products, you can see the direction for the future of millet and lenovo.

that what the Internet technology giants will bring consumers of cosmetic brands, let's wait and see! !

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