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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-16
With the steady development of traditional industry, glass will continue to be a luxury, perfume, spices, and other products packaging major selection. Glass materials are attractive, is due to the characteristics of the its transparent and pure, and graphics separate, comply with environmental requirements. Unisex cosmetics can use glass packaging, is concise and lively, very young consumers aesthetic requirements. In addition, the glass to highlight the product brand effect also played an important role. In the choice of packaging bottles, for example, have a tendency to choose good transparency, high plasticity, feel is the same as the glass, and more solid organic glass materials, combined with quality, superior gloss of gold and silver cap and can give crystal series cosmetics showily, fashion product connotation. Consumers tend to elegant appearance of cosmetic container, glass is preferred. Market development is too fast, however, develop a new glass bottle packaging cycle is relatively long, time and cost consumption is too big, at present, can be designed to any popular styles of spare glass demand is surging. Cosmetics container needs to be in the process of production quality inspection, makes numerical keep within a reasonable range. To consumers to buy the product after inspection on the packaging, whether its product packaging conform to the requirements of the manufacturing technology, whether the damage in the transport process. Consumers can not check the packaging products, this relationship with their own interests, if you need to check the amount of information is too much, can choose the method of sampling inspection. But no matter use what method, requires the following procedures: 1, the range of packaging technology evaluation specification. 2, the use of reliable tools and the testing method. 3, record the data. 4, the results of the inspection with effective advice. The shape of the bottle is limited by the amount and type of product, make sure the shape of glass bottles, need to draw the sample design, generally choose front view, side view, top view and so on, the position of the bottle also need a magnified image of local position. The size of the glass bottle need mark on the drawings, give on business, volume, or capacity. Dimensions and tolerances need to consult with the producers to customize, because cosmetics bottles cosmetics manufacturer machine limited. General common machine to the height of the bottles in 25 Between 300 mm and the diameter of the bottle of Po and the number of machine production, usually in 12 - diameter Between 150 mm. Because in the production of molding process will be affected by some external factors, makes the shape and size will produce difference, so to give to accept the change of the scope of the dimension or tolerance. Standard tolerance for capacity ( 毫升) , the quality, KG) Diameter of ( 毫米) And height. 484. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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