Cosmetics generation processing: we only have a face, so it's very important to use in cosmetics

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-07
Woman's face is very important, always tried to let oneself become more beautiful, and the small make up real-name envy those who looks beautiful, often laments their parents well. But in the present a lot of girls are so nice, mostly by later maintenance. So, babies start to learn how to maintain! XJ Beauty of small make up as a woman who is ready to help others in a new era, today tell you choose is very important for cosmetics manufacturer, but the proper use of cosmetics manufacturer do you know?

1。 Daub after a first order

if you haven't use eye cream, first apply eye week, followed by two buccal, corners of the mouth on both sides, such as in the jaw line. And if have to use eye cream, eye eye cream can directly.

2。 The power of the stomach should be used when daub

cream with the power of the stomach and moderate elastic, skin feels most comfortable.

3。 Massage gently pushed open the

daub emulsion with massage action, more conducive to the absorption of the skin. Massage to outward from the central part of the face gently massage away, until completely absorbed by the skin.

4。 Different type of skin choose

the emulsion is mostly designed for dry skin, but if the emulsion is indicated in the 'model', means that it will be less oil content, more suitable for hybrid or slant oily skin use.

5。 Toner cannot replace the emulsion

no matter how much you put high moisturizing lotion, lotion or make up water, it is just a temporary moist skin, want to let water of moisture retention in the skin is almost impossible, only to use emulsion, can put the water well 'seal' within the skin.

6。 Every time want to apply to the neck

some people use the emulsion a daub is on the face often without regard to the neck, in fact, the neck is a small amount of grease is secreted, more need to supplement moisture and grease.

6。 Cream

in general, suit to use dry skin cream and more moisturizing emulsion, oily and combination skin suitable for fresh emulsion and does not contain oily creams. Dry season, such as qiu dong season, suit to use thicker cream texture, and hot season, such as the spring and summer, suit to use fresh texture of the emulsion.

actually lotions and creams can be a choice, but the concrete is to see your skin and season to choose.

7。 Sunscreen

harmonization cream finish daily care, to do well or a sunscreen. Sun is very, very important, so we must be able to ignore oh.

uh-huh, share here small make up today, but looking for cosmetics manufacturer OEM must find XJ Beauty oh, we have two factories in guangzhou alone!

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