Cosmetics generation processing: vitamin commonly used in cosmetics

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-07
generation processing: vitamin cosmetics by matrix composition is commonly used in cosmetics manufacturer and skin care ingredients, clean class cosmetics manufacturer will also contain a lot of surfactant. But cosmetics ingredients identification often use some professional term, let people confused about it, the following brief introduction of vitamin is commonly used in cosmetics. Vitamin A: cosmetic ingredients Chang Biao as retinol, retinal, oral has maintain normal visual effect, it can have the effect of anti-aging cosmetics. Vitamin B3: cosmetic ingredients labeled niacinamide, it can strengthen the skin moisturizing barrier effect, it also can regulate sebum secretion, carry bright color of skin, and fade out fine lines. Vitamin B5: cosmetic ingredients labeled panthenol, it can increase the skin's ability to water, to achieve the effect of moderate moisture. Vitamin C: cosmetic ingredients for ascorbic acid. It can remove oxygen free radicals in the body, it is primarily in the cosmetics plays an anti-oxidation and whitening effect. Vitamin E: cosmetic ingredients labeled tocopherol, like vitamin C, has a strong antioxidant capacity, it plays a moisturizing in the cosmetics, the effect of antioxidant and anti-aging.
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