Cosmetics generation processing: the addition of emulsifier method

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-08
In cosmetics manufacturer manufacture craft, emulsification is one crucial step, and in emulsion link, for the addition of emulsifier is to have cultured, our XJ Beauty cosmetics generation process of researchers believe that there is a can refer to the following method: 1, the method of emulsifying agent soluble in oil will emulsifying agent soluble in oil phase there are two methods available emulsifying body: (1) adding the mixture of emulsifier and oil directly to the water to form for oil/water emulsion. (2) the emulsifier dissolved in oil, add water to oil mixture, at the beginning of the formation of the water/oil type emulsified body, when the amount of water is added after the viscosity drop suddenly, variant type for the oil/water emulsion phase inversion. This method of preparation of the emulsion particle uniformity, the average diameter of about 0. 5 ц m, so commonly used the method. 2, emulsifier dissolve in the water method this method is the emulsifying agent directly dissolved in water, then stir in under the action of slowly add oil to the water, made from a type of oil/water emulsion. If you want to make the water/oil type emulsified body, then continue to add oil phase, until to become a water/oil type emulsified body phase inversion, the method of emulsion particle size is very uneven, and therefore is not very stable. Guangzhou XJ Beauty biological technology development co. , LTD. Is a collection of cosmetics raw materials, formulation development, production in one of professional cosmetics OEM, ODM cosmetics processing company, we always put the pure natural products, functional, safe and effective in the first place, all raw materials used as natural biological materials, product quality by the resource, contact phone number: 13602489362
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