Cosmetics generation processing: spring skin eight small coup

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-12
Dry winter, although the cold winter is gone, but our skin care work is still in progress. Spring is easy to cause skin irritation, exactly how should nurse? Below, with eight small spring skin care tips, let you do a delicate beauty! In spring all the year round first, at the same time, is the beginning of the year. So, faced with such an important New Year beginning, of course, want to the most beautiful image, skin care, of course, also cannot careless! Today bring you eight winter skin care tips, let you stay away from sensitive raise and tender. A, clean work to well into the spring, the temperature began to rise, the latest in a series of skin metabolism, grease is secreted exuberant began, without notice, may cause pore jams, which in turn produces annoying blain blain. Therefore, must pay attention to clean job. Morning and evening with a mild cleanser to clean the skin, can do it regularly once every 2 weeks deep care, get rid of the old cutin of skin, make out the layer of skin. Second, avoid to use cold water washs a face a lot of MM for convenience, use cold water washs a face, the weather warms up, especially now that wash a face with cold water also won't feel cold. Actually cold water can stimulate the skin, this easy allergy season especially pay attention to in the spring, avoid to cause sensitive skin. When washing a face, pay attention to clean skin with warm water first, then to splash face with cold water, in the removal of skin grease dirt at the same time, can shrink pores, skin is more conducive to health. Three, avoid frequent exfoliator winter, because of the dry weather, many MM will avoid purify is corneous. In the spring, recovery time, it's time to clean. If you have this in mind, throw away at once! Do not think that the weather is warming, drying with away, actually spring dry doesn't lose in the winter. What is more, because the spring is easy to cause the problems, such as sensitive if frequent exfoliator, can let the skin become thinner, it will be easier to find your sensitive! In order to maintain the skin's resistance, or reduce the number of purify is corneous. Four, prevent bask in work not slack sunscreen in summer is one of each MM will do. However, if you have any attention to the weather forecast everyday, smart are you sure you will find that a daily report of the uv index at a high or very high degree. Actually spring ultraviolet ray is weak than summer, if you don't pay attention to prevent bask in spring, the days, splash will find you. So the spring must be prepared to prevent bask in work. Five, the nursing methods vary from person to person skin care has long been a subject, want to have a good skin, must according to the different type of skin, targeted for nursing. If you are dry skin, in the care of the spring, general cleansing 1 times a day, chamfer can also remove once every two weeks, shoulds not be too often, lest cause sensitive skin thinning. For oily skin, it must strengthen the clean, can choose a mild cleanser, remove deep pore dirt, in addition, when use segregation frost, sunscreen, pay attention to choose light thin, avoid clog pores and cause acne. Six, protect skin to taste will also 'change garments according to the' spring began to accelerate skin metabolism and sebaceous glands secrete exuberant. Although sometimes feel greasy skin, but still hydrating work cannot be ignored. Because the skin is lack of water, causing the oil dry, to really get rid of the greasy, must supply enough water. Winter with heavy weight, slant oil cream, the switch ultra-light, water emulsion products, so we can at the same time of filling water, prevent skin is too thick, clogged pores to breathe. Seven, attaches great importance to the internal and external nursing skin care in addition to 'protect', to 'protect', more emphasis on internal and external aftercare. Normally should drink plenty of water, to ensure absorb enough water every day, make skin water embellish all day; Also should assure enough sleep, let skin in the sun of the day, ready to repair at night, sleeping beauty; Also must pay attention to balanced nutrition, eat healthful components such as vitamin, protein, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, pork, fish, such as food, supplement necessary nutrition, strengthen the skin function. Eight, scientific consumption of photosensitive fruits and vegetables so-called photosensitive vegetables, after eating, the body's skin easier to absorb ultraviolet light, the result will cause melanin, cause spots. Spring is a good season, all kinds of fruits and vegetables listed should pay attention to scientific consumption of photosensitive vegetables, avoid to eat during the day, can be placed in tasting dinner.
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