Cosmetics generation processing: small knowledge

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-20
The pace of life in today's society, more and more quickly, our beauty beauty trend information faster, too. Don't think you know, love is keep fit, have their own code of conduct for shopping is very understand to protect skin to taste, actually otherwise, today, green organic beauty fashion is more and more close to our life, from organic brands in Europe and America have also entered the Chinese market, the classification of the products more diversified. So came on the market a variety of product types. Today, guangzhou XJ Beauty biological processing technology development cosmetics company will introduce you to the difference between organic skin care products we use daily cosmetics! ! ! ! The common skin care products on the market today are mostly contains a variety of chemical elements, these elements will produce certain effect to our skin, more serious is likely to cause our skin min, poisoning, or skin cosmetics of harmful substances, heavy metals can be divided into the following categories: simple inorganic ( Including arsenic) , cosmetics stabilizing agent, organic solvents, spices, antibiotics and hormones, etc. These harmful material harm to the human body can be divided into the following four categories. Irritating damage: this is one of the most common skin lesions, and cosmetics for stimulating ingredients, or cosmetics PH value too high or too low, or the user on the skin cutin layer damage. Sensitization material is contained in allergic damage: cosmetics, enable users with allergic constitution produce allergic reaction. Infectious damage: cosmetics are rich in nutrients, with a sound environment for microbial breeding. Using microbial contamination of cosmetics of infective damage will cause the human body, and other parts around the damaged skin and eyes hurt more. Systemic damage: cosmetics manufacturer raw materials varied, although many ingredients have hairdressing effect, but may have a variety of toxicity to human body; May non-toxic ingredients itself, but also may produce toxic substances in the process of using, As the light toxicity) 。 These toxic ingredients can be absorbed through the skin into the body and accumulate in the body, systemic body damage. And organic skin care products to his definition is: in addition to the natural organic skin care products contain plant ingredients, must by obtain the organic certification of organic plant extracts, the product can not add artificial spices, pigments and petroleum chemical products against skin ingredients, such as guangzhou XJ Beauty biological technology development co. , LTD. The products including the added preservatives and surfactant must be strictly limited, and cannot be used in the process of producing animal experiment and use of radiation sterilization, the formula and the process is very complicated. In addition to provide full component labeling and accurate information to consumers, contain ingredients of biological decomposability recycling problem or not, packaging, and the cosmetics manufacturer's public and responsibility are within the specification. Guangzhou XJ Beauty biotechnology development cosmetics manufacturer generation processing technical personnel said, like 'green food' sign the strict verification of relevant institutions can get, get the title of 'organic' also should pass certification. In general 'organic skin care products' than the concept of 'pure natural skin care products' and more keep improving on quality. Because it is strictly limited from skincare products of raw materials, the requirements of natural raw materials in the training, growth, extraction, production environment, Such as soil) And in the process, is not affected by gene variants and artificial chemical addition, must by obtain the organic certification of organic plant extracts. Organic skin care production process is very strict supervision, need list contains the percentage of organic composition, become a reliable basis for the customer when the choose and buy.
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