Cosmetics generation processing: skin care products can use how long?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-12
Skin care products have a 'year law' kaifeng skincare basic shall be finished within a year. Anti-aging products shelf life up to 1 year if with VC, the composition such as vitamin A acid of more than 6 months will be thrown away. Acne, acne products shelf life in 1 year if is the acne products containing ingredients of benzoic acid peroxide, kaifeng three months failed. Best sunscreen after opening the kaifeng can deposit not use 2 - after use After three years, kaifeng is prevented bask in value also will decrease over time. Creams can use up to 1 year if cream bottle is open, take cream will introduce bacteria with finger, so want to be in 3 - Six months out. If is squeezing mouth packing, life can be extended to 12 months, but make sure good sealing. Milky lotion can use 1 year, water emulsion metamorphic will appear more quickly once the smell fresh longer. Pressure mouth bottle of body lotion for 2 years eye cream can use up to 1 year if there is an oil emulsion separation or produce peculiar smell, is likely to mean eye cream oil from deteriorating, should give up as early as possible. Natural product shelf life is shorter, usually 3 - 6 months think about natural phenomena, preservative-free natural products, like food, and guarantee the quality if the fridge will a bit longer, but natural metamorphism is still fast. Cosmetics generation process of course selection XJ Beauty, ready and rest assured.
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