Cosmetics generation processing: regeneration essence in the desert

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-07
Luo Mu native to southern Africa recovery plant guhya Luo Mu ( Myrotham - nus flabellifolia) ( Fan Ye Xiang shrubs) Is one of the few highly drought-tolerant plants on earth, is also the only woody recovery plant. This plant can be highly as a seed tolerance desiccation, while only 7% ─ 11% moisture content the organization can keep the water characteristics of the resurrection. Luo Mu dehydration after leaves become brown, through the severe drought in the form of dormancy, in dry brown leaves rapidly after water absorbing water, 1 days or so will turn green and restore life force. Today the weather is dry, the skin lacks water easily weather-shack, this is the skin on the tell us, the filling water. 'Face problem' is the first priority, to our skin care, supplement moisture, can make you look more spirit whole face. XJ Beauty biological technology development co. , LTD. Is a high level focus on cosmetics manufacturer generation of processing enterprises, they will look at Luo Mu, draws some inspiration, using this way in a short time ( 24h) In the resurrection of magical desert plants, creating a 48 h can keep healthy skin cosmetics! Efficacy: 1, during the dehydration protection membrane, prevent the skin lipid oxidation ( Cell membrane and extracellular matrix) 。 2, protect cell membranes from drought damage, stabilize the skin moisture and lipid barrier. 3, in a short period of time to activate the skin, moisturize dry skin, skin moisture up to 48 hours. 4, compression of skin regeneration, and reduce the redness. 5, and strengthen the damaged skin barrier, significantly improve the skin. ( Only 5 days) Against the influence of external environment is the most effective product - — Dense Luo Mu regeneration cream/regeneration essence
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