Cosmetics generation processing: makeup cosmetics OEM discharge makeup water

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-07
generation processing: makeup cosmetics manufacturer OEM discharge makeup water for MM makeup for a long time, decided to your skin good or bad of the most important factor is the makeup. If you choose the wrong discharge makeup product, or use the wrong makeup skill, not only can accelerate skin aging, but also brings the avalanche of skin problems. Makeup remover ingredients: ganoderma lucidum spore essence, hot spring extraction particles and moisturizing factor, pearl powder, etc. Role: ganoderma lucidum spore and hot spring good combination of particles, releasing energy to the cell, effectively remove skin dirt and residual cosmetics, promote skin cell regeneration, make the skin elastic lubrication. Main ingredients: ganoderma lucidum spore essence, hot spring extraction particles, moisturizing factor, effect and so on characteristics of pearl powder: gently remove facial dirt residual makeup, the decrease of oil spill, skin to dissolve grease and oil, discharge makeup clean skin and activating double efficacy and keep skin moisture, make skin clean air, pure and fresh shu shuang, does not shine. Method of use: according to the proper amount of discharge makeup water ( About the 2-3 times) On the make up cotton, in the face, lightly effective remove dirt, make-up infectant net. Dosage forms: water-based applicable material: PET bottle mouth/pressure span> Common specifications ( g/ml) : 150 mlso discharge makeup is daily skin care, a very important step, that's right, is very important. End tired returned home after a day, if just randomly remove makeup on the face, skin will not be able to get the real rest, want to prolong the life of the skin, have to discharge makeup. The discharge makeup product on market is multifarious, how to choose appropriate oneself? Now a lot of people are keen on shopping, but I feel or want to know more go to the shop, choose your own products. Compared to discharge makeup oil, makeup, such as milk, I more like makeup water, it is suitable for sensitive skin, oily skin and mixed skin. For daily makeup ( That does not use waterproof, durable and too much makeup color) Compared with makeup water, makeup water discharge makeup oil discharge makeup product, such as cleaning more convenient, need not again for a second, clean and dry skin won't feel tight. Discharge makeup is the basis of the skin, but often overlooked. Residual makeup is oily dirt, clog pores, smooth breathing, cells can't interfere with normal skin metabolism, make the skin become rough, pore bulky, color yellow, dark grain, acne also develop. Common composition and efficacy of manasseh milk fruit oil: moisturize skin moisture, enhance skin elasticity, resist oxidation, promote cell regeneration. Avocado oil, easy to penetrate into the skin, easy to absorb, maintain skin elasticity and smooth skin. Strawberry essence: pure clean, calm and relieve skin, balance PH value, shrink pores, keep skin elasticity. India myrrh resin: mild nature, excellent close skin. Clean and remove the old waste cutin, protect wet, moist skin. Use eye makeup process 1, use make up cotton covered in discharge makeup fluid, LIDS for a few seconds, waiting for the start of the make-up dissolved after the wipe. 2, middle finger slightly hard, the direction of the down eyelid bulging, wiped out, replace the cotton repeat step, until there is no color cosmetic cotton. 3, use discharge makeup fluid on cotton swabs removing the fluctuation eyelash mascara and eyeliner, technique. Lip makeup process 1, if the lipstick on the lip is very thick, with paper towel first remove the floating color, steps to discharge makeup. 2, lips gently sip, use make up cotton covered in discharge makeup fluid, apply for a few seconds on the lip, waiting for the make-up dissolved. 3, from the middle to the corner of his mouth, not too big, hard to wipe off the lipsticks lip lines, replacing cotton to wipe again, until there is no color cosmetic cotton. Facial makeup process 1, apply adequate amount of discharge makeup fluid with cosmetic cotton. 2, use make up cotton by lateral carefully wipe the introversion, for 2 - use make up cotton to wipe 3 times, can no longer leave pink color to make up cotton, cotton pad after use, should be discarded immediately, avoid to use again. 3, with normal temperature water wash clean, use cleanser to clean it again. Guangzhou XJ Beauty biological technology development co. , LTD. Is a collection of cosmetics raw materials, formulation development, production in one of professional cosmetics OEM, ODM cosmetics processing company, processing environment, equipment, instruments, detection means and personnel quality accord with the requirement of high quality cosmetics, our sincere service, and customer support each other mutual progress, a high starting point of the product for the customer successfully cut into the market, expand the market, consolidate the market, provides the powerful guarantee.
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