Cosmetics generation processing: how to not spend money can solve the four skin problem

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-12
Because of life pressure increase a lot of people there are all kinds of skin problems, such as black rim of the eye, drying, edema and pore bulky, and so on, especially white-collar women also often work overtime to stay up late, the skin will become more dark, so today to introduce a kind of, not spend money can solve the problem of 4 big skin! Maintain the skin must be your best? Skin care steps more complicated and more time-consuming, the effect will be better? Wrong wrong wrong! Little teach you use opportunely household goods, not to spend money, not to spend time, easy to help you solve the black rim of the eye, dry, edema and pore bulky and so on four big skin problems! Tip1: hot and cold canned coffee - — Eliminate eye puffiness, dark circles for out prone to eye dropsy, black rim of the eye of the MM, can use the canned coffee hot and cold on each bottle of alternates, apply is in the eye, easy to solve the problem. Tip2: make up cotton + anti-condensation agent - — Hydrating particularly dry areas on the face with wet make up cotton apply fill make up water, and put on make-up cotton anti-condensation agent. With a compact and the effect of the water. Tip3: heating spoon - — Tighten the skin in a into the spoon in the cup of hot water heating, and cold spoon used interchangeably, for heating and maintenance. Tip4: ice - — Contractive pore skin naturally becomes warm when bathing, stimulate skin available at this time of ice ice, and promote the pore opening and closing movement become strong, to activate the skin effect.
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