Cosmetics generation processing: how to leave the preservative?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-07
According to long-term studies have found that chemical synthetic preservatives in cosmetics manufacturer formula is led to the human body skin irritation and allergy, inflammation, and one of the main reasons for the potential risk. And natural ingredients more accord with people pursuit of healthy, natural and other preservatives are constantly being development and application of the new type, moderate, but cosmetics is inseparable from the 'preservatives'.

in recent years in Europe, Japan and South Korea 'organic, natural cosmetics' and 'no preservatives, no corrosion natural cosmetics' but also by the market. As a result, many international cosmetics raw material, have put forward various main natural, gentle, anticorrosive alternatives, for example in formulated corrosion synergistic agent to reduce the amount of chemical preservatives; The use of natural plants and animals exist natural equivalent compound, alternative chemical preservatives; Plant essential oil has a strong antibacterial activity, can also be used as a cosmetic natural preservatives; There will be a performance of natural extracts as cosmetics preservatives and so on.

there are more and more consumers look for in a low irritation, sensitization cosmetics manufacturer, driving the anticorrosive cosmetics research, also be without adding cosmetics grow strong driving force.

'no corrosion protection system' on the market have?

on the market, find butyl glycol and adipic alcohol, glycol and distribution of raw materials such as plant extracts are very widely used. XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer on the processing, insisted: 'avoid add preservatives in cosmetics regulatory policy preservative list, but adds, anticorrosive function components. 'These have antiseptic activity composition is not in the list, merchants when choosing these ingredients for anti-corrosion function can promote preservative-free, the ingredient list is usually in the form of essence or plant extracts, then there is directly with other additives, and this practice is not in violation of the law, and can be delivered to consumers a kind of feeling.

on the other hand, ampoules, producing LaiHuo up in recent years, through vacuum packaging or binary package, to avoid product contamination in the process of use and storage, thus realize anti-corrosion effect. There is, the use of clean production workshop, fully automatic dust-free, sterile packaging line, loading container fully processed, bottle opener use open special pollution prevention design, etc. , can also product shelf life.

of course natural preservative also exist certain problems in practical applications, such as the effect is not very good, there is peculiar smell, noise, the high price. Some natural preservatives dose when short of anti-corrosion effect, large dose will cause the product color. Part of the natural antiseptic spectrum narrow flawed, while at the same time using a variety of possible produce harm to human body.

the processing looking for cosmetics, choose XJ Beauty, not only can reduce the amount of chemical preservatives, food condition is more moderate, achieve complementary or synergy effect.

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