Cosmetics generation processing: how to fix the white-collar 'computer face'

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-07
Now some network language about white-collar appeared on the network, such as 'computer face' 'computer skin' and so on. Due to the white-collar workers at the computer for a long time, radiation serious skin thereby appeared some problems; So just had about white-collar workers in front of network language. Since the advent of these names, many white-collar workers are trying to explore the methods let skin anti-aging. XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer factory small make up, in fact, as long as can spend more time on a little detail at ordinary times, can repair the annoying 'computer face' 'computer' skin, wrinkles and sagging no time! To repair 'computer face', used to protect skin to taste and daily massage is very necessary. 'Just like your forehead and eye fine lines, one is often caused by zheng big eyes, a brought about because of squinting, to change this situation effectively, you need to use essence to make up for, cooperate with the hand massage at the same time. ', says ms zhou eye mask is helpful to eliminate the eye fine lines, in a long time at the computer, do some eye exercises after apply an eye mask can remove fine lines around your eyes. In addition, working at the computer be mental highly nervous, sometimes face a few hours not to relax, it's easy to make both sides face muscle relaxation, serious still can prolapse. At that time, massage is one of the most important. Head thrown back, will the muscles of the face upward, over time, face it will be less sagging. XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer co-packer small make up warm prompt: the eye cream, don't forget to also painted on the 'sichuan' the word of brows. White-collar workers at work, something goes wrong happens to often do is frown, some women 'sichuan' the word is clear, have been frowning will accelerate the wrinkles. And neck lines also need women when using a computer, twist around constantly, pulling up the neck muscles, use a little neck mask or neck cream effect also is pretty good.
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