Cosmetics generation processing: eye care knowledge

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-20
Usually many women in order to improve eye week skin problems, such as purify black rim of the eye, adipose bead, prevent wrinkles, etc. , are used in skin care eye mask or a suitable eye cream, but in addition to the use of skin care products, correct skin care methods is also very important, they tend to enhance the effect of skin effect, then the right eye care steps should be how? As the following cosmetics manufacturer generation processing small make up together and see it. 1, no matter what skin care, cleansing facial cleaning is very important, only clean in place, the facial dirt and pore is opened, can let the skin to better absorb nutrition of the product, so before to make the eye care, skin care work also need attention. After facial cleaning, you can use the toner for secondary cleaning, then can use eye cream, eye and other parts of the facial lotions, creams, etc can be used for care, so let's take a look at eye care process. 2, nod besmear first remove eye cream, and then squeeze out the quantity of we need to use hand back, again with another hand middle finger and ring finger gently dipping apply adequate amount the eye cream, daub it in the form of dots around our eyes, make it under the uniform distribution. 3, slowly pushed some applied after will need to use both hands together wipe the eye frost of left and right sides, from the portion of the nose to the direction of the corner in the form of a circle, at the same time in the process of applying to note that because we were weak eye skin, so in the massage, the strength of the hand to control good, small efforts may be because the eye cream is not very good absorption and the effect not beautiful, so strongly reducing the the eye wrinkles are not can increase instead. 4, massage eye skin care to be very patient, in the daub after eye frost, still need to carry on the massage, can promote the absorption of eye cream, so make it play a biggest role. The need when massage with ring finger point to an abdomen press on both sides of the temple, and then also in the form of a circle to massage, massage from inside to outside, at the same time, you can rub temple also, by the way, can very good help us up well, but also can make the eye restore clear and bright, alleviate eye fatigue, for long term for the books students or white-collar is the use of computer work is very helpful. 5, hot compress, after the end of the massage hands palm relative, and then start rubbing against each other, until the palm fever, then close your eyes, with four fingers except the thumb to our eyes, palm keypad to stretch the skin around the eyes, such doing can is good enough to alleviate eye fatigue, but local temperatures can promote the blood circulation to the eye. Then today about eye skin care cosmetics generation of processing small make up to introduce here, if the girls is not clear how to use eye cream can consider oh. And to remind the broad masses of women friends, remember not to be able to use in addition to eye cream around the eye and eye mask skin care products, other than otherwise easy to grow adipose bead.
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