Cosmetics generation processing: do a good job is a necessity of cosmetic formulations innovation?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-08
Sunrise enterprise has always been a cosmetics, cosmetics industry in developing very fast in recent years, the main consumer groups is female, but now many men are slowly everyday without skin care products!

along with the development of The Times, people demand for cosmetics also gradually increased, a good cosmetic co-packer what are specific to the innovation, in addition to the formulation of innovation, also need to have the innovation? XJ Beauty cosmetics OEM, in addition to have their own research and development center, more important is: we are very pay attention to product innovation, let's look: cosmetics manufacturer generation processing: do a good job is a necessity of cosmetic formulations innovation?

a, r&d formula:

cosmetics processing formula is an important basis for production, there's not a good recipe, it is difficult to establish a good product.

general cosmetics OEM has its own team and the sole laboratory. General formula innovation embodied in the following three points: formula system innovation, material innovation and process innovation.

2, the product characteristics:

cosmetics manufacturer in addition to the solid, also contain milk cream and powder type. Take the cleanser, the commonly used cream frost class, in addition to be actually and cleansing foam type. They are all have the same function use products, only by the change of cosmetics processing technology to produce different shape.

3, the method of use:

with the efficacy of cosmetics use method is also different, some cosmetics after discharge makeup need to use water in a clean, and there are some cosmetic makeup without again after cleaning, and achieve rapid discharge makeup effect.

4, the appearance of the packing:

the innovation of the cosmetics packaging materials, packaging design, unique design style can make the brand more attention of consumers. The other is a material, such as cosmetics bottles, material is ordinary plastic bottle, glass bottle, etc. The design of the packaging used in cosmetics processing and materials is also very important.

if a cosmetics factory don't know the innovation, then also points minutes eliminated by the market, XJ Beauty a innovative spirit of enterprise, to welcome you to cosmetics OEM, odm processing.

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