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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-08
The United States is the OEM most representative countries in the developed world. In the United States, processing enterprise with research and development ability, or although do not have capability to develop research institutions entrusted to develop products, again to processing factory, only up to the standard of their enterprise can processing the product, and the condition of equipment, quality control, raw material choose and buy, the respect such as product standards have signed documents, enjoy the legal protection. Foundry enterprise production management is equivalent to or even better than their enterprise management, is the specific work is done by cosmetics OEM enterprise, in order to concentrate on the work in the market, is a real sense of complementary advantages. OEM in postwar Japan's rapid development, now has an estimated more than 250 enterprises friends. In October 2000, the Japanese cosmetics manufacturer OEM organization - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Japanese cosmetics manufacturing a trustee talkfest ( JC - OEM) Was formally established, more than 60 members. We are competitors on the one hand, on the other hand, in the pursuit of a kind of common interests. In the United States, does not yet exist. In Japan, both prominent cosmetics OEM enterprise (a feat Specific content including makeup brushes, nail polish, like shampoo, need large equipment of cosmetics, difficult filling technology of cosmetics, soaps, aerosol products, capsule, cosmetics, etc. ) , also has the ability to integrated service company, can provide the service, to meet the new involvement in the cosmetics industry companies to provide new product planning and other consulting business. These comprehensive business ability company both hope to do business in the world, also has with the United States or Italy, cosmetics OEM enterprises to carry out technical cooperation of the company, they have engaged in cosmetics manufacturer imported from abroad or through the export of raw material transfer of technology and other business, recently focused more on setting up overseas cosmetics OEM factory. In the comprehensive business at the same time, also puts forward Suggestions for the development of the containers and packing, overseas containers such as information collection, some enterprises are also responsible for the development to form the finished product adaptability on the containers and contents in the technical confirmation. In laws and regulations management, Japan is now also does not exist only for cosmetics OEM enterprise regulations, so cosmetics OEM enterprise must also comply with the general cosmetic laws and regulations of the same laws and regulations, means that Japan is the agents act as the basic law. 'Reagent method' is a 'drug', 'medical', 'cosmetic' and 'medical appliance' as the object of the law, 'medical', and 'cosmetic' is defined as 'moderate'.
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