Cosmetics generation processing: correct understanding of their own skin

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-07
Appearance is born, is given by parents, that can't change anything, but the beauty is that most people pursuit. To correct the use of cosmetics is becomes an important skill of beauty the day after tomorrow. The infinite variety of cosmetics on the market, but only apply to your skin so few, correct selection of cosmetics manufacturer first step is to correct understanding of their own skin: understanding basic physiological structure of skin and skin is the first barrier to the body's immune function, plays a block foreign materials ( No matter good or bad) Enter human body function. Low molecular weight, generally speaking, fat-soluble substances more easily absorbed by skin, massage, the method such as the packet can also promote the absorption, sometimes pathological cases, skin absorption capacity will be increased. Normal skin should be able to take out most of the substances, and skin care, don't the difficult way is to maintain the normal function of the skin? So skin care first priority is to protect the skin's natural barrier ability. Healthy skin barrier by cuticular cutin cell, intercellular lipids, sebum membrane ( Sebum + sweat) , keratin, NMF, when the skin barrier is broken, and your skin will be healthy and disease. So, we should pay attention to when the choose and buy cosmetics cosmetics and processing businesses in the formula stated in the on the bottle, whether there will be material harm your skin.
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