Cosmetics generation processing: anti-wrinkle cosmetics allergy

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-20
Although with the growth of the age, male and female body of water will be lost more weight, the body's architecture as before, all kinds of physical aging phenomenon is more serious, at this moment, how to maintain good oneself body, back to the young strong condition, guangzhou XJ processing Beauty cosmetics manufacturer company with international research institutions to cooperate, targeted Chinese male and female skin deep research and experiment, create suitable for China's people's skin care products. Let your youth eternal popular new launched the following products: 1 anti-wrinkle cream choose curacao aloe leaf polysaccharide, North America, hamamelis, cabo mother, oligopeptide - water 1. Garden burnet root extract, safflower oil, chamomile moisturizing repair skin, rich in polysaccharides and oligopeptide, tight activate the skin, postpone skin aging. 2 apple stem cells concentrate containing galactose araban, apple, PYRUS马吕斯) Fruit extract, lecithin, etc. Rich in apple stem cells, help to carry bright color of skin, improve skin fine lines, delay skin aging. 3 can live peptide concentrate using hydrolysis jojoba esters glucan, peptides, natural squalene, EGF, etc. Can contain plenty of polysaccharide and polypeptide, smooth and firm skin, increase skin moisture, nourish, reduce the wrinkle, keep skin young elastic. 4 shrimp green element concentrate soy isoflavones, leaf acyl glutamic acid, polysorbate - 80. Whitening, anti-oxidation, astaxanthin with natural red carotenoid, is in nature the strongest antioxidant, vitamin C is the effect of 6000 times, 1000 times that of vitamin E. 5 fresh nourishing bright white oxygenating essence water use natural sanger, sleep, evening primrose, and rice protein extract, seaweed extract, rose extract, increase skin moist degree, repair hydrating, promote cells regeneration, relieve sensitive skin, relieve dry rough ageing skin soothing skin firming skin whitening and moisturizing. 6 intelligent repair cream soothes, moist skin, reduce the production of red blood silk, moisturizing, locking water, calm the skin after sun 7 gene cell repair liquid the EGF, copper tripeptide - 1, amide Ⅲ, oligopeptide 1. High levels of EGF ( 4000 units/ml) And various repair composition, apply to the micro needle plastic wound repair, the repair of the skin barrier function, moisturizing, supply moisture and nutrition, with small molecular weight, easy to absorb, etc, make the skin plentiful full, more full of elasticity. 8 instant desensitization essence for curacao aloe leaf polysaccharide, North America, garden burnet root extract, hamamelis water extracts from radix bupleuri rhodiola extracts, silver. 3 minutes instant desensitization, soothing anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, stimulate skin cell metabolism, repair sensitive source. Nine red blood silk repair essence using natural arnica extract, horse chestnut extract, ivy extract, hamamelis extract, hypericum perforatum extract, red grape extract. High content of isoflavones and triterpenoid, reduce long-term capillaries and rupture caused by local red and swelling, capillary contraction effect in an all-round way. 10 hyaluronic acid essence fade out fine lines, delay skin aging, lock the moisture, for the skin with moisturizing lubrication, make skin full, young, rich and elastic. So if your skin appear wrinkles or bad phenomena such as allergies, can have a try we launched these a few cosmetics manufacturer, let your skin be confident again!
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