Cosmetics generation process: the status quo of Chinese cosmetics OEM analysis

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-08
1 agent, sales and other business enterprises engaged in cosmetics, in product sales channels and successful operation experience, to play their own brands and suffer from no product research and development, production capacity, so the product research, development, production, packaging, filling and packaging design all entrusted to the cosmetics OEM enterprises, their only take ready-made products sales. This kind of circumstance is one of the most widely in the OEM customers. 2 international brands to enter the Chinese market, generally will be looking for a partner, if you invest, have two card, must have the production capacity, not only investment is large, and time is slow. If the OEM enterprise software and hardware conditions comply with their requirements, then processing will become the main method of cooperation of their choice. At present, the products in the domestic cosmetics OEM enterprise production of international brands have numerous small and medium-sized brand already, also have the market well-known brands. The American society of cosmetic chemists ( 鳞状细胞癌) Member Joseph Dr. Lin is expected, after China's accession to the WTO, there will be a large number of foreign brands into the Chinese market, OEM would be their preferred way. 3 domestic cross-industry business company, also in full of the temptation of the cosmetics manufacturer market share, these companies both in the pharmaceutical, health care products, clothing and other traditional consumer goods companies, including industry, such as China resources group, cheung kong holdings span larger enterprises, cosmetics OEM is one of the ways in which these companies make diversification consider to choose. 4? Own brand products to be sold in the retail business is also in OEM enterprise production, the retail sales enterprise includes large department stores, including large supermarkets. Other processing products include beauty salon with care; Hotel, hotel guest room toilet daily consumables; Planes, trains, ships on the distribution of gifts, souvenirs, Other industries of gifts, souvenirs, promotional gifts, etc. Huge market demand for OEM is gradually growing, China is now the generation of processing business enterprises there are three types of contracting, one is the original has its own brand, but for some reason or other operating conditions is bad and were forced to generation of processing enterprises; Another is to have their own brand, and brand awareness is higher, the product has a certain market, but excess production capacity, production task when also the generation of processing business contracting enterprises, these enterprises closely associated with the head office, some factories to undertake processing business shall be the responsibility of the corporation. Some loose relationship, the factory can undertake processing business alone; Also is a kind of plant is aimed at the beginning of the cosmetics OEM processing, to generation of processing for the main business. From the generation of processing enterprises on the varieties of products are divided into skin care products, make-up products, cleaning products, water products, beauty tools, civil detergent, etc. Focus on the beauty of cosmetics skincare products OEM minister cosmetics manufacturer factory is bringing in a world-class research and development of scientific research team. Tianjin beauty I also hit TeSePai biological technology co. , LTD, specialized production of TCM products, product or adding biological agents, or adding plant extracts products, etc. , is a cosmetics share how fine, foundry enterprise is fine. OEM processing enterprises are engaged in the business, but the mode of operation there's a big difference. Some only responsible for the incoming processing and manufacturing, filling and packing, some is also responsible for the procurement of raw materials, some even responsible for the development of the formula and packaging design, and foundry enterprises participate in product marketing planning. Some strength strong foundry enterprises will be weaker snare in its foundry enterprises, such as a corporation set up several branches, everyone complementary advantages and common development.
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