Cosmetics generation process: the prospect of China's cosmetics industry

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-08
'Died for firstly, female to yue oneself person look'. Make-up techniques have since ancient times in China, the modern war, headed by 'the makeup cosmetics has been hit, once appear the phenomenon of fault. After the reform and opening up, after a series of saving, maintenance, development, China's cosmetics manufacturer set sail again. In the early 80 s, our country cosmetics manufacturer per capita consumption is only 1 yuan, in the early 90 s the consumption level of up to 5 yuan per person, per capita consumption of 25 yuan by the end of 2000. It is not hard to see, of cosmetics in China's per capita consumption level ascending speed, rise of vast space. More than twenty years, China's cosmetics industry has experienced rapid development. In 1982, our country cosmetics manufacturer sales of 200 million yuan. market in China in 2011 sales of more than 100 billion yuan, increased by about 499%; Sales reached 200 billion yuan in 2015, accounts for about 8 in the global cosmetics market. 8%. But at the same time of rapid development, China's cosmetics industry has low quality closes nevertheless, brand influence, the problem such as marketing ability is weak, the channel is not clear. The size of the market rise according to the guangzhou XJ Beauty biological processing technology development cosmetics co. , LTD. , according to the data published Chinese cosmetics market sales scale from 2010 in 2045. 3. 3 billion yuan rose to 2016 in 3360. 6. 1 billion yuan, the compound growth rate of 9. 06%, become the world's second largest cosmetics consumer after the United States. Although in the past two years because of the economic growth is slowing, retail terminal remains sluggish, industry growth is downward, but growth rate remained at 6%, is expected to the size of the market in China will reach 3587 this year. 6. 5 billion yuan. Ccpit Zhao Ping, director of the international trade research institute in an interview with the China sankei shimbun reporters said that in recent years, China's cosmetics market scale increases year by year, strong momentum of development, thanks to the per capita income levels rising, brand awareness and ego to protect consciousness strengthen three aspects.
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