Cosmetics generation process: the difference between the air cushion BB cream and CC cream

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-07
Oh, no! As breathing powdery bottom, what is the difference between the air cushion BB cream and CC cream? Detailed below to know! From the name, the BB intent of air cushion BB cream for Blemish Balm, literal translation is defective ointment; Air cushion in CC cream CC for Color Correction, is the meaning of the Color Correction. From the name of the two models can be seen, they are for skin problems are not the same. Air cushion BB cream on block defect effect is better, but the air cushion CC cream texture than air cushion BB cream is lightsome, more emphasis on the color of skin effect of modification and maintenance, to correct color, beauty skin care multi-effect unity for its biggest characteristic. Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics factory is a collection processing, cosmetics OEM, ODM processing, cosmetics cosmetics generation processing professional processing plants, cosmetics factories which good? Preferred XJ Beauty professional cosmetics manufacturer OEM, 20 years cosmetics OEM experience, has a number of national patent invention. Make Chinese luxury cosmetics manufacturer brand for you!
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