Cosmetics generation process must see matters

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-17
industry is one of the earliest industry opening to the outside world in China, developed rapidly after the reform and opening up, the number of the enterprise, the market competition is very fierce. Current domestic production enterprises of cosmetics more than about 5000, mainly in Hong Kong, guangdong, Shanghai, jiangsu, Beijing, shandong and other coastal areas, which occupies more than 50% of the manufacturers in guangdong, well ahead of other regions. The small and medium-sized cosmetics enterprises accounted for 90% of the total, but the market share of less than 20%. industry overall market relatively scattered, and more than 1% of the brand is more famous and common brand on the market. Now cosmetics manufacturer industry has entered a white-hot stage, for cosmetics companies want to have independent brand, choose a good cosmetic 0 em generation processing factory is undoubtedly one of the key to the success of its own brand operation, but when you face a flood, feel do not know how to start, I don't know how to pick, compiled under the cosmetics OEM will see matters needing attention. 1. First of all, is a complete cosmetic processing qualification 2. Need to get all certificates of processing plan and practice license 3. Comprehensive can control 4 material sources. Staff examination may include technology and operations. Equipment has met the requirement of the comprehensive 6. Delivery capacity: including the mode of transportation is fast, convenient and safety, the safety of the product packaging, etc. 7. Strict quality control system: quality is the fundamental enterprise development, and processing of natural can ensure the quality of its products. 8. Promise not to secretly steal other interests formula; Advantages and disadvantages of skin care products, mainly depends on material quality, the collocation of dosage, formulation and production control. generation processing as the most important supplier of cosmetics stores, cosmetics OEM ODM advantages highlighted is the cost advantage, production capacity and cheap labor. Businesses in the fierce competition in the market can maintain the price advantage in the process of increase sales profit at the same time, already had common cosmetics OEM ODM cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer conform to the national standard of professional equipment and production environment, brand side don't have to pay high cost for production and processing of money. The advantage of the cosmetics OEM/ODM model is between manufacturers and brands benefit-sharing, risk-sharing. This makes between vendors and customers completely become a community, and logical form an alliance, it will arouse the enthusiasm of both sides, in virtually more conducive to benefit sharing, with the risk of modern enterprise marketing concept. If brands to reduce the backlog of material, capital precipitation, core technology and equipment depreciation of investment risk, then will make money for marketing is also a very good enterprise management strategy.
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