Cosmetics generation process is dealt with application

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-09
OEM, also known as the generation of processing cosmetics, generally refers to the cosmetics brands not direct production product, they use their mastery of the core technology, responsible for design and development of new products, control sales channel. Commissioned by means of contract order similar products of other manufacturers. So, cosmetics generation process what procedure to need? No business license and trademark customers what procedure to need? A customer groups, the processing for this kind of cosmetics, can entrust the cosmetics manufacturers agent business license, trademark registration. Such as trademark and business license down, after the processing can be cosmetics, etc. Remember, there is no business license, trademark, you have to fix itself as to the identity of the first problem, can go to our registration, also can find agent company, of course also can entrust cosmetics manufacturers to do a thing like this. Two processing, cosmetics business, need to have the customer's business license, at the same time also need label, if there is no logo, need to register a, also can find agent company, also can entrust cosmetics manufacturers to complete registration. Of course, if you don't want to use our business license to register, so, can use cosmetics manufacturer factory business license to register, after then transfer the trademark also go back to his company. Three, the processing for this kind of cosmetics customers, only need to provide your company's business license, trademark, cosmetics generation processing contract, the production procedures of the power of attorney, etc. In this way, cosmetics factory can produce products for you. Subsequent inspection reports, product registration, all can be done by cosmetics manufacturers, very simple convenience. Customers need to provide the business license, trademark and produce a power of attorney procedure files, and cosmetics manufacturers need to provide business license, production license. At the same time, the client need cosmetics generation processing contract with production, so that you can carry out processing cosmetics manufacturer production business.
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