Cosmetics generation of processing enterprises

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-20
In 1969, jack, slaughter put forward the unique 'location theory', has been more than 40 years, most businesses still do not understand what is positioning. In fact, the answer is simple. The ultimate goal of any cosmetic processing enterprises is only one, is to occupy the market. And the most effective way to occupy the market, is to win the favour of customers, therefore, to understand their customers is the key to the problem. generation of processing enterprises, in fact, positioning refers to the processing enterprises through its products and brands, according to customer demand, enterprise unique characteristic culture and good image, shaping cosmetics processing customers, and occupy a certain market share. In short, is to make products occupy a certain position in the brain customers, if you want to do this, cosmetics processing enterprises, the first thing to do is to understand customers. In the Chinese market, failures and mediocre enterprise brand, because their mistakes are often not accurate positioning. As we known as the 'Chinese wine maotai', maotai beer and maotai red derived from it are marketing failure, this is because they with high-end liquor maotai and consumer recognition, there is a huge conflict, so will lose their position. The success of the enterprise positioning, certainly also abound, such as Coca-Cola company passed Coca-Cola, Sprite, fanta etc, tell consumers, he is a strong, high quality, super multinational company full of American culture; Procter & gamble company, through a series of cleaning products also gave consumers a significant daily industrial producers of corporate image, and the enterprise in the consumers' mind. Through the above analysis, we can say so, no accurate brand positioning, will succeed. However, cosmetic processing enterprises location where the secret of success? A scientific management of the brand, is to seek and implement the target consumers' needs and expectations. Regardless any time, a company can accurate positioning, it can accurately find customers pain points, do a everyone needs assistant 'soft rib'. For cosmetics manufacturer and processing enterprises, as long as can meet the demand of the market, can smoothly communicate with customers, but to do this, is not a simple matter, this need to cosmetics processing enterprises look carefully, at all times maintain quite high market sensitivity. As cosmetics processing enterprise, must therefore continue to strengthen the market keen insight, constant attention any slight change of the market, find out the uniqueness of each product, and then find the accurate product positioning. Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics co. , LTD. Is a collection of cosmetics raw materials research, formulation development, processing, processing and production of professional cosmetics manufacturer company, processing environment, equipment, instruments, detection means and personnel quality conform to the requirements of high quality cosmetics, our sincere service, and customer support each other mutual progress, a high starting point of the product for the customer successfully cut into the market, expand the market, consolidate the market provides a powerful guarantee. 'XJ Beauty now provides dozens of cosmetics brands at home and abroad to provide processing cooperation, with the high quality service and reliable quality won the praise of every customer, and establish a long-term stable relations of cooperation. 'XJ Beauty as your friends, adhering to the' credibility first, customer first 'principle, sincerely hope that with you together for us to add a total Beauty! http://gzelijah. binzhuang。 com
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