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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-17
' formula national professional standard' the final will be held the < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:24:20 < / p> < p> organized by the Chinese association of aromatization 'cosmetics manufacturer formula teacher professional standards of the state' before the final will be held in Shanghai jahwa united co. , LTD. National labor and social security professional skill appraisal center of comrade wang ping, Shanghai jahwa co. Dr Wei Shaomin professor, Shanghai institute of spices qi-zhang jin, Shanghai quality supervision and inspection center, Shanghai institute of applied technology wan-ping zhang, Ph. D. , professor Gao Xiqing, Dr Zhao Hua Beijing industry and commerce university, jiangnan university, Dr Yang cheng, director of the China association of aromatization Dong Shufen cosmetics department attended the meeting, aromatization association of science and technology information, hu, director of the march to attend. < / P> < P> all the experts at the meeting is standard of every project conducted a careful discussion, the cosmetics formula three levels staff capacity requirements and related knowledge of science, and according to the actual circumstance of industry to the application for all levels of exam qualification examination and approval and modification. After the meeting, the association will modify after finishing 'cosmetics formula national professional standard' report to the national labor and social security professional skill appraisal center. < / P>
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