Cosmetics foreign trade processing: how to distinguish good quality cosmetics

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-04
Effect of skin care products on the market the variety of ingredients is uneven also, cosmetics trade generation of processing small make up today to tell you exactly how to discern the stand or fall of these skin care products. Many MM people there is no end, but don't worry, will come to see us together under the discriminance for you. 1, cleanser formal cosmetics manufacturer generation of processing production cleanser has a light faint scent, crowded in your hands should be water melts, no greasy feeling. Burn, put cleanser in the spoon inside, if oil splashing, is not a good cleanser, if more burn more like milk, that is a good cleanser. 2, toner shakes, wave after the bubble, bubble rarely, means less nutrition; Bubble but more big, that contains salicylic acid, salicylic acid cleaning effect is good, but stimulating allergy; Bubble a lot of very fine, and soon disappeared, alcohol, not long-term use, easy to damage the skin's protective film; Only regular cosmetics manufacturer generation of processing production make up water bubble exquisite and rich, with a thick covering layer, and lingering, and that is good make up water. Good quality toner soft taste, poor quality water use was cool and refreshing feeling, some smell of alcohol flavor. Generally have color toner, if improper storage locations, often by the sun or the storage time is too long, will get light color. The toner bottle is transparent, had better not buy, because can't identify. 3, emulsion smell, good product composition is pure, does not require heavy spices to suppress odor products. If the emulsion, with a glass of water, pour the emulsion in water. If the float on the water side, proving that it contains oilstone ester ( do not recommend use) ; Shake, water into the milky white, proved it contains emulsifier, such cosmetics manufacturer is bad; If a fall in the water, emulsion to sink to the bottom, prove that do not contain oilstone ester, such can be used. Oilstone ester can damage the skin and cause skin dry lack water, because it is a major cause of clogged pores, over time, the pores will be more and more big. Guangzhou XJ Beauty biological technology development co. , LTD. Is a collection of cosmetics raw materials, formulation development, production in one of professional cosmetics OEM, ODM processing, cosmetics cosmetics processing foreign trade company, we always put the pure natural products, functional, safe and effective in the first place, all raw materials used as natural biological materials, product quality by the resource, contact phone number: 13602489362
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