Cosmetics factory: you used the best mask have which a few?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-06
Have you used the best mask have which a few? Mask, we all the year round, small make up today talk to everybody together, talk about the best mask which you used a few? Main function is to protect the skin, feeling, adjust temperature, absorption, excretion and secretion. Clean skin can protect the skin's ability to resist decay, because healthy skin's ph value is weak alkaline, so, we know the damage of skin acid-base balance after skin problem is coming up, so does not destroy the skin ph balance is best the way of science. Osmanthus petals mask selection is given petals contains sweet osmanthus alcohol, palmitic acid, lauric acid, linalool and ionone, such as material, the skin has the effect of whitening, moisturizing, detoxification, raise colour, can effectively remove the toxin inside the skin, natural calm, bactericidal anti-inflammatory, and can strengthen the updating and repair skin cells, making skin smooth and elastic. Green tea light acne mask choose brown algae extract, beta Glucan, white and natural chamomile extract refined but become. The effect of green tea with deep purification, lightsome acne. The cleanness, suitable for oily skin, can purify skin, remove surplus oil, eliminate the phenomenon of glossy on the face, make the heat more, maintain the natural PH value of skin, effectively remove aged cuticle, desalt blain hole, natural breath, let skin cells recover fresh bright color of skin. Intensive hydrating deep sea mud, using natural deep sea mud, moisturizing factor, olive oil, water, squalane and butter made from fruit trees. Deep sea mud purification with detoxification, anti-inflammatory sterilization effect, deep clean the skin of dirt and grease, regulate oil secretion, promote skin metabolism, to restore health ruddy complexion. Nourish and hydrate skin, pore is invisible, glossy, skin delicate and tender, pure and fresh and full zero blind Angle. Chitin active repair silk mask with bee venom, beta Glucan, small nuclear bacteria glue mixture silk mask the silk essence, can form breathable hydration film on the surface of the skin, soften horniness, make other nutritional ingredients can penetrate into skin, regulate maintenance from core muscles. Effective, bright white skin, can fight the pigment deposition, prevent an heavy form, improve skin gloss finish and smooth feeling. Bright white through 360 degrees essence membrane choose butter fruit trees, PEG - 20 methyl glucose and a half times the stearic acid ester and a mix of natural mountain tinder grass extract. 360 degrees essence membrane is rich in natural moisturizing essence of plant polyphenols, such as moisture nourish skin, improve dark yellow color, prevent and decrease the skin dry, coarse yellow, moment make the skin smooth, full, glittering and translucent. The world's high-quality green algae extract, seaweed mask beta Glucan, betaine, North America, hamamelis extract and natural elm embroider line chrysanthemum extract refined but become. Kelp contains natural algae extract, purify pores, and aged cutin export will clog pores, effectively shrink pores, and supplement sufficient moisture, regulate the water oil balance, improve oily skin problems, make face relaxed and comfortable all day. The skin smooth and full, glittering and translucent luster. Mask choose hydrolysis light rain bird's nest bird's nest acid extract, yeast dissolved cell extract, hydrolyzed rice protein factor and precious bird's nest contains light through bird's nest whitening factor acid, can repair nourish skin, improve skin moisture ability, help restore skin water condensation shining brilliantly, maintain healthy skin, tighten the skin moist and elastic. Induction magnetic biological magnetic mask mask can go wrinkles, eye bags and neck lines, double chin; Eliminate redundant moisture, detoxification, thin face; Create V face, tighten loose skin, shrink pores. Far-infrared magnetic mask is suitable for the whitening mask, acne and acne repair mask ( Or local film) Mask, fragile skin care and corresponding eye mask, neck film mung bean mud membrane selected from all over the natural green bean extract, North America, hamamelis extract, niacinamide, white flowers, chamomile extract, etc. , can eliminate the redundant grease skin, make the skin water and oil balance. Hydrating and soothing, eliminate acne acne, restore the skin smooth and tender. Guangzhou XJ Beauty biological technology development co. , LTD. 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