Cosmetics factory: why use the special products of sensitive skin still allergy?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-06
Why use the special products of sensitive skin still allergy? Small make up is sensitive skin, change garments according to the easy allergy, the first time in the shop to buy a set of avene products, cabinet, improve sensitive skin, but I was allergy tests don't respond, buy the home use also no reaction, suddenly the allergy in the past two days, my life, diet, work and rest, daily skin care products are not changed, is this why? Even good about, now is the case in the photo on the face, a bit urticant, a little red dot. Sensitive skin dedicated products will be allergic? Many girls will always think, special products, sensitive skin use won't allergy, this is wrong! Questions about allergies, Mimi also said many times, is related to allergic source itself, in addition to the allergy source, there are seasons, skin conditions, air, temperature and other factors, so, no any skin care to ensure that all people are not allergic. Why the skin allergy tests have no reaction, use for a period of time is allergic? First, no reaction when allergy tests, buy a home in a few days do not have any discomfort, it is proved that this set of products for your skin, can be use, your skin is to accept it. Solution: 1, at present there are mild skin allergy, not serious, first apply face, with saline water in the place where the itch with ice towel apply the, can improve the itch; 2, because you bought a set of avene, can use first avene spray to do simple skin filling water, then use repair cream coating a layer of thin, avoid skin cause dry sensitive because of lack of water, the allergic skin condition; 3, in the care of the next week, the product selection 'from less to more' slowly overlay, is also increasing every day a protect skin to taste, let skin has a process of adaptation, when the skin immune system, as we get sick, is naturally more-and eat soup water, if eat too much nutrition naturally without filling. 4, if it is good to stop a product, use will appear such problems, that is the most special cases, skin allergic to this product a component in a short time, and a delay in response, this situation is special, generally is rare, but once it has proved that you can't use this product. Long-term use of a skin care products also can suddenly appear allergic condition, such as using the new formula, different version ( Clinique, estee lauder very often) Is belong to special circumstances, and some people use the original formula, the same cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer, with a version, but still allergy happened, one is that your stabilizer has been accepted for this product saturation, using skin has no effect, no longer accept, need to replace new products, new formula, but also a bit, it has a lot to do with the body's own function change, but there is no medicine on a good explanation, a research can only change the brand. Allergic peak coming soon, a lot of skin is sensitive girl has commandeered, for allergic skin, eliminate their allergens and skin care products use undeserved, season, climate, temperature, the region is the biggest reason. For the simplest case, we went to different parts of the skin will also change, could you get in A skin is very good, went to the B, just as the cause of the pimples on her face. There are no things in the world is all people absolutely accept, use and no reaction, the air has allergies. When using the new product is the best in ear, cheek cheekbones place after local test, did not appear after 24 small skin allergy phenomenon can be used normally, but must follow 'from less to more' overlay scheme, especially the girl suddenly change a set of skin care products! Multi-purpose a few days can carefully to reduce the risk of skin allergy.
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