Cosmetics factory: why is rapidly developing domestic cosmetics products?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-06
With the rapid economic development and residents' disposable income increase, great changes have taken place in the domestic cosmetics manufacturer market, colour makeup product potential quick release, has appeared the eyelash to cream, BB frost, air cushion cream, lipstick and other hot style category. There is no doubt that cosmetic products has received the unprecedented attention, and with amazing growth become cosmetics J factory under a gold mine. Compared with the developed country mature cosmetics market, consumer demand in China has just wake up, permeability is only 43%, obvious gap, the reason is that the development rule of colour makeup is a gradual process. After years of market cultivation, make-up products finally broke out nearby. The past 2016 years, it is considered to be one of the cosmetics industry makeup, makeup products obtained the unprecedented development, the growing rapidly. According to forward-looking industry research institute published 'China's cosmetic products market demand and investment planning and analysis report, analysis, under the market consumption demand sustained release, cosmetics market has entered into the phase of rapid development, has increased from $2010 in 18. 8 billion to 51 billion yuan in 2014, consecutive years of double-digit growth. As the domestic cosmetics market booming, the international cosmetics giant is kind of skin colour makeup product launch for Oriental, to further expand market share. Colour makeup product competition, suitable for the French cosmetics products will continue to increase. Another development trend, it is the cosmetics market is toward personalized, younger. Before 2013, make-up products consumption group mainly women over 35 years old, 2014 years later, make-up products gradually younger consumers. These young women higher request for cosmetics manufacturer, is so rich and colorful color, good efficacy, complete variety and high-end cosmetics brand with personality characteristics are more susceptible to favor. Therefore, in order to cater to the be fond of of young female consumers, cosmetics products research and development is simple and easy. From the brand, efficacy, packaging, the aspects of safety, skin problems, to launch more simple and interesting colour makeup products, to win the general female consumers 'heart'. Unfortunately, the cosmetics market basic was dominated by foreign brands, local brand of living space is limited. In the future, China's domestic brands can no longer simply imitate, to walk out of the path of innovation, enhance the promotion of the brand. Only good brand can bring more benefit. In general, the cosmetics manufacturer market ascendant, broad prospects. The next few years, cosmetics market will remain growth. Domestic enterprises should seize the opportunities for development, research and development products that meet the consumer demand, and constantly improve the brand awareness and class, and in this fast growing market share.
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